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The Delta Troubadours Crowbar Aug 25 The Delta Troubadours
All Day Tuck Crowbar Aug 25 All Day Tuck
Sam E Hues Crowbar Aug 25 Sam E Hues
The Delta Troubadours Crowbar Aug 26 The Delta Troubadours
All Day Tuck Crowbar Aug 26 All Day Tuck
Sam E Hues Crowbar Aug 26 Sam E Hues
The Smith Street Band Crowbar Aug 27 The Smith Street Band
Astronautalis Crowbar Aug 27 Astronautalis
Hank & Cupcakes Crowbar Sep 01 Hank & Cupcakes
Pajamas Crowbar Sep 01 Pajamas
The Infinite Eights Crowbar Sep 03 The Infinite Eights, Infinite Eights, iOh
Slaves Crowbar Sep 06 Slaves, SECRETS
Picturesque Crowbar Sep 06 Picturesque
Out Came the Wolves Crowbar Sep 06 Out Came the Wolves, Slaves, SECRETS and 1 more...
Orphaned Land Crowbar Sep 07 Orphaned Land
Aurorae Crowbar Sep 07 Aurorae, Orphaned Land, Voodoo Kungfu and 2 more...
Voodoo Kungfu Crowbar Sep 07 Voodoo Kungfu
A Night of DRUM and BASS - anodnb Crowbar Sep 08 A Night of DRUM and BASS - anodnb, Danny The Wildchild, Random Movement and 10 more...
Finite Automata Crowbar Sep 09 Finite Automata, God Module, Blakk Glass and 1 more...
God Module Crowbar Sep 09 God Module, God Module, Blakk Glass and 2 more...
Japanese Breakfast Crowbar Sep 12 Japanese Breakfast
Mannequin Pussy Crowbar Sep 12 Mannequin Pussy
The Spirit Of The Beehive Crowbar Sep 12 The Spirit Of The Beehive
Columbus Lions Crowbar Sep 12 Columbus Lions
Jason Richardson Crowbar Sep 13 Jason Richardson
Stolas Crowbar Sep 13 Stolas
The Reign of Kindo Crowbar Sep 13 The Reign of Kindo
Zoogma Crowbar Sep 15 Zoogma
Justin Depth Crowbar Sep 19 Justin Depth
Pompeya Crowbar Sep 19 Pompeya
Arkaik Crowbar Sep 21 Arkaik
Alterbeast Crowbar Sep 21 Alterbeast
Inanimate Existence Crowbar Sep 21 Inanimate Existence
Touche Amore Crowbar Sep 22 Touche Amore, Single Mothers, Gouge Away
Single Mothers Crowbar Sep 22 Single Mothers
Gouge Away Crowbar Sep 22 Gouge Away
Smif-N-Wessun Crowbar Sep 24 Smif-N-Wessun
Kublai Khan Crowbar Oct 05 Kublai Khan
No Zodiac Crowbar Oct 05 No Zodiac
Left Behind Crowbar Oct 05 Left Behind
I AM Crowbar Oct 05 I AM
THE MAIN SQUEEZE Crowbar Oct 06 THE MAIN SQUEEZE, Ella Jet & Future Soul, Leisure Chief
Com Truise Crowbar Oct 08 Com Truise
Nosaj Thing Crowbar Oct 08 Nosaj Thing
Cleopold Crowbar Oct 08 Cleopold
Wolves in the Throne Room Crowbar Oct 09 Wolves in the Throne Room
Pillorian Crowbar Oct 09 Pillorian
Kill the Addict Crowbar Oct 10 Kill the Addict, Agnostic Front Coldside
Agnostic Front Crowbar Oct 10 Agnostic Front
Coldside Crowbar Oct 10 Coldside
Have Mercy Crowbar Oct 10 Have Mercy, Boston Manor, Can't Swim and 1 more...
Can't Swim Crowbar Oct 10 Can't Swim, Have Mercy, Boston Manor and 1 more...
Boston Manor Crowbar Oct 10 Boston Manor
J Roddy Walston and The Business Crowbar Oct 11 J Roddy Walston and The Business
TBA Crowbar Oct 11 TBA
Grayscale Crowbar Oct 12 Grayscale, Four Year Strong, Seaway and 1 more...
Seaway Crowbar Oct 12 Seaway
Four Year Strong Crowbar Oct 12 Four Year Strong, Seaway, Like Pacific and 2 more...
Life Lessons Crowbar Oct 12 Life Lessons
Greyscale Crowbar Oct 12 Greyscale
Like Pacific Crowbar Oct 12 Like Pacific, Four Year Strong, Seaway and 2 more...
Witt Lowry Crowbar Oct 15 Witt Lowry
Ro Ransom Crowbar Oct 15 Ro Ransom
TBA Crowbar Oct 17 TBA
Jess Crowbar Oct 21 Jess
Gabriel Conte Crowbar Oct 21 Gabriel Conte
Clozee. Crowbar Oct 23 Clozee.
TBA Crowbar Oct 23 TBA
CloZee Crowbar Oct 23 CloZee
Listener Crowbar Nov 02 Listener, Listener, Levi the Poet and 2 more...
Comrades Crowbar Nov 02 Comrades
Levi the Poet Crowbar Nov 02 Levi the Poet, Listener, Comrades and 1 more...
everett Crowbar Nov 02 everett
Knuckle Puck Crowbar Nov 03 Knuckle Puck, Movements, With Confidence and 1 more...
Homesafe Crowbar Nov 03 Homesafe, Knuckle Puck, Movements and 1 more...
With Confidence Crowbar Nov 03 With Confidence
Movements Crowbar Nov 03 Movements, Knuckle Puck, With Confidence and 1 more...
Sorority Noise Crowbar Nov 04 Sorority Noise, Citizen, Great Grandpa
Citizen Crowbar Nov 04 Citizen, Sorority Noise, Great Grandpa
Great Grandpa Crowbar Nov 04 Great Grandpa
Toubab   Krewe Crowbar Nov 11 Toubab Krewe
TBA Local Guests Crowbar Nov 11 TBA Local Guests
Blu Crowbar Nov 24 Blu
Exile Crowbar Nov 24 Exile
Dag Savage Crowbar Nov 24 Dag Savage
Choosey Crowbar Nov 24 Choosey
Cashus King Crowbar Nov 24 Cashus King
Seven Kingdoms Crowbar Dec 01 Seven Kingdoms
The Drums Crowbar Dec 02 The Drums, Hoops
Hoops Crowbar Dec 02 Hoops, The Drums
David Ramirez Crowbar Dec 13 David Ramirez
Rittz Crowbar Dec 14 Rittz
Eric Biddines Crowbar Dec 14 Eric Biddines
Drop-D Crowbar Dec 14 Drop-D