Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2014

23 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Come The Dawn Aftershock Oct 07 Come The Dawn
I Declare War Aftershock Oct 07 I Declare War, After the Burial, Texas in July and 2 more...
After the Burial Aftershock Oct 07 After the Burial, I Declare War
Reflections Aftershock Oct 07 Reflections, I Declare War
Texas in July Aftershock Oct 07 Texas in July, I Declare War
Devil City Angels Aftershock Oct 17 Devil City Angels
Huntress Aftershock Oct 19 Huntress
Fit For A King Aftershock Oct 25 Fit For A King
To Speak In Whispers Aftershock Oct 25 To Speak In Whispers, Fit For A King
Know Lyfe Aftershock Nov 12 Know Lyfe
Dance Gavin Dance Aftershock Nov 20 Dance Gavin Dance
Alive Like Me Aftershock Nov 20 Alive Like Me, Dance Gavin Dance, SECRETS and 1 more...
SECRETS Aftershock Nov 20 SECRETS, Dance Gavin Dance
Rise Records Tour Aftershock Nov 20 Rise Records Tour
Defeat The Low Aftershock Nov 20 Defeat The Low, Dance Gavin Dance
Nonpoint Aftershock Nov 23 Nonpoint, Gemini Syndrome, Islander and 1 more...
Gemini Syndrome Aftershock Nov 23 Gemini Syndrome, Nonpoint
Islander Aftershock Nov 23 Islander
Exodus Aftershock Dec 07 Exodus
Courage My Love Aftershock Dec 12 Courage My Love
Thira Aftershock Dec 13 Thira, Snot(Band), He Is Legend and 1 more...
Snot(Band) Aftershock Dec 13 Snot(Band), Thira
He Is Legend Aftershock Dec 13 He Is Legend, Thira