Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

22 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Whitechapel Aftershock Mar 02 Whitechapel
Lorna Shore Aftershock Mar 02 Lorna Shore
Saigon Aftershock Mar 03 Saigon
Sleep Signals Aftershock Mar 06 Sleep Signals, Dirt, Breaking Even and 2 more...
Breaking Even Aftershock Mar 06 Breaking Even, Dirt, Sleep Signals and 2 more...
Within the Ruins Aftershock Mar 30 Within the Ruins
Product Of Hate Aftershock Apr 08 Product Of Hate, Allegaeon, Product Of Hate
Allegaeon Aftershock Apr 08 Allegaeon
Vanna Aftershock Apr 10 Vanna
The Color Morale Aftershock Apr 10 The Color Morale
Slaves (Official) Aftershock Apr 10 Slaves (Official), The Color Morale, Vanna and 1 more...
Favorite Weapon Aftershock Apr 10 Favorite Weapon, The Color Morale
Slaves Aftershock Apr 10 Slaves
The Downtown Fiction Aftershock Apr 15 The Downtown Fiction
Adriel's Tragedy Aftershock Apr 18 Adriel's Tragedy, One-Eyed Doll
Capture The Crown Aftershock Apr 22 Capture The Crown
Alesana Aftershock Apr 22 Alesana, Capture The Crown, The Browning and 2 more...
Conquer Divide Aftershock Apr 22 Conquer Divide
The Browning Aftershock Apr 22 The Browning, Alesana
The Funeral Portrait Aftershock Apr 22 The Funeral Portrait, Alesana
Young Medicine Aftershock Apr 22 Young Medicine, Alesana, Capture The Crown and 4 more...