Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

39 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Red Line Chemistry Aftershock Oct 09 Red Line Chemistry
Rocktoberfest Aftershock Oct 16 Rocktoberfest
Twisted Insane Aftershock Oct 17 Twisted Insane
Dog Fashion Disco Aftershock Oct 20 Dog Fashion Disco
Psychostick Aftershock Oct 20 Psychostick
The Fabulous Miss Wendy Aftershock Oct 22 The Fabulous Miss Wendy
a skylite drive Aftershock Oct 23 a skylite drive
Sirens Aftershock Oct 23 Sirens
Sailors Aftershock Oct 23 Sailors
Myka Aftershock Oct 23 Myka
Relocate Aftershock Oct 23 Relocate
One-Eyed Doll Aftershock Oct 24 One-Eyed Doll, Stitched Up Heart, Run 2 Cover
Stiched Up Heart Aftershock Oct 24 Stiched Up Heart
Run 2 Cover Aftershock Oct 24 Run 2 Cover
Stitched Up Heart Aftershock Oct 24 Stitched Up Heart
Eyes Set to Kill Aftershock Oct 26 Eyes Set to Kill, New Years Day, Get Scared, Eyes Set To Kill, New Volume
New Years Day, Get Scared, Eyes Set To Kill, New Volume Aftershock Oct 26 New Years Day, Get Scared, Eyes Set To Kill, New Volume
The Relapse Symphony Aftershock Oct 26 The Relapse Symphony
Darksiderz Aftershock Oct 26 Darksiderz
Prong Aftershock Oct 28 Prong
Load Point Pull/swill Aftershock Oct 30 Load Point Pull/swill
Act of Defiance Aftershock Oct 31 Act of Defiance, Allegaeon
Allegaeon Aftershock Oct 31 Allegaeon
Wayland Aftershock Nov 03 Wayland
Kublai Khan Aftershock Nov 14 Kublai Khan
The Acacia Strain Aftershock Nov 14 The Acacia Strain, Counterparts, Glass Cloud and 2 more...
Fit For An Autopsy Aftershock Nov 14 Fit For An Autopsy
Glass Cloud Aftershock Nov 14 Glass Cloud, The Acacia Strain
The Bunny The Bear Aftershock Nov 17 The Bunny The Bear
Vanity Strikes Aftershock Nov 17 Vanity Strikes
Justin Symbol Aftershock Nov 17 Justin Symbol
Reckless Serenade Aftershock Nov 17 Reckless Serenade
Kutt Calhoun Aftershock Nov 24 Kutt Calhoun
Kutt Calhoun Aftershock Nov 25 Kutt Calhoun
Enforcer And Warbringer Aftershock Feb 10, 2016 Enforcer And Warbringer
Enforcer Aftershock Feb 10, 2016 Enforcer
Warbringer Aftershock Feb 10, 2016 Warbringer
Exmortus Aftershock Feb 10, 2016 Exmortus, Warbringer, Enforcer and 1 more...
Cauldron Aftershock Feb 10, 2016 Cauldron