Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2014

32 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Cannabis Corpse Aftershock Aug 01 Cannabis Corpse
10 Years Aftershock Aug 04 10 Years, Crobot
Crobot Aftershock Aug 04 Crobot, 10 Years
Slaves (Official) Aftershock Aug 08 Slaves (Official), Myka Relocate, Alive Like Me and 2 more...
Myka Relocate Aftershock Aug 08 Myka Relocate
Myka,Relocate Aftershock Aug 08 Myka,Relocate, Slaves, Alive Like Me and 2 more...
Youth In Revolt Aftershock Aug 08 Youth In Revolt, Slaves (Official)
Slaves Aftershock Aug 08 Slaves
Alive Like Me Aftershock Aug 08 Alive Like Me, Slaves (Official)
Lauren Anderson Aftershock Aug 09 Lauren Anderson
UPON THIS | DAWNING Aftershock Aug 12 UPON THIS | DAWNING, Chimaira, The Plot In You and 2 more...
Chimaira Aftershock Aug 12 Chimaira
Allegaeon Aftershock Aug 12 Allegaeon, UPON THIS | DAWNING
Breaking Even Aftershock Aug 16 Breaking Even
Gemini Syndrome Aftershock Aug 16 Gemini Syndrome
VERIDIA Aftershock Aug 21 VERIDIA, Red, Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter Aftershock Aug 21 Demon Hunter, Red
9 Electric Aftershock Aug 28 9 Electric, Righteous Vendetta
Righteous Vendetta Aftershock Aug 28 Righteous Vendetta, 9 Electric
Islander Aftershock Sep 07 Islander
Like A Storm Aftershock Sep 07 Like A Storm, Islander, 9 Electric
The Contortionist Aftershock Sep 15 The Contortionist, Intervals
Intervals Aftershock Sep 15 Intervals
Prong Aftershock Sep 19 Prong
Revocation Aftershock Sep 23 Revocation
Fit For An Autopsy Aftershock Sep 23 Fit For An Autopsy
Crowbar Aftershock Sep 23 Crowbar
Exhumed Aftershock Sep 23 Exhumed
Havok Aftershock Sep 23 Havok, Crowbar, Revocation
Butcher Babies Aftershock Sep 30 Butcher Babies
Anti-Mortem Aftershock Sep 30 Anti-Mortem, Butcher Babies
Battlecross Aftershock Oct 05 Battlecross