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Mark Stoermer Soda Bar Aug 22 Mark Stoermer, Brian Karscig, Brumby
Brian Karscig Soda Bar Aug 22 Brian Karscig
Life of Brian Soda Bar Aug 22 Life of Brian
Brian Hill and the Noh Starrs Soda Bar Aug 22 Brian Hill and the Noh Starrs
Kan-Kan Soda Bar Aug 22 Kan-Kan
Old Man Wizard Soda Bar Aug 23 Old Man Wizard
Bästardsect Soda Bar Aug 23 Bästardsect
Beekeeper Soda Bar Aug 23 Beekeeper, Beekeeper, DETHSURF and 1 more...
Slaughter and The Dogs Soda Bar Aug 24 Slaughter and The Dogs
kids in heat Soda Bar Aug 24 kids in heat
Slaughter boys Soda Bar Aug 24 Slaughter boys
U.S. Bombs Soda Bar Aug 25 U.S. Bombs
Dead On The Wire Soda Bar Aug 25 Dead On The Wire
Rat City Riot Soda Bar Aug 25 Rat City Riot
Midnight Track Soda Bar Aug 25 Midnight Track
The Kickback Soda Bar Aug 26 The Kickback
Splavender Soda Bar Aug 26 Splavender
Bad & The Ugly Soda Bar Aug 27 Bad & The Ugly, Mittens, Starover Blue
Starover Blue Soda Bar Aug 27 Starover Blue
Mittens Soda Bar Aug 27 Mittens
BAD Soda Bar Aug 27 BAD
The Ugly Soda Bar Aug 27 The Ugly
The Sudden Passion Soda Bar Aug 28 The Sudden Passion
Black Oak Hymnal Soda Bar Aug 28 Black Oak Hymnal
Bradley Palermo Soda Bar Aug 28 Bradley Palermo, Black Oak Hymnal
Sundrop Electric Soda Bar Aug 29 Sundrop Electric, Retra, Super Buffet
Super Buffet Soda Bar Aug 29 Super Buffet
Retra Soda Bar Aug 29 Retra
The Strawberry Moons Soda Bar Aug 30 The Strawberry Moons, Belladon
Belladon Soda Bar Aug 30 Belladon
Miss Jupiter Soda Bar Aug 30 Miss Jupiter
J. Hofstee Soda Bar Aug 31 J. Hofstee
Inspired Soda Bar Aug 31 Inspired
Jason Andrew Soda Bar Aug 31 Jason Andrew
Throw Rag Soda Bar Sep 01 Throw Rag
Behind The Wagon Soda Bar Sep 01 Behind The Wagon
The Fink Bombs Soda Bar Sep 01 The Fink Bombs
The Heavy Guilt Soda Bar Sep 02 The Heavy Guilt
the Paragraphs Soda Bar Sep 02 the Paragraphs
Cardinal Moon Soda Bar Sep 02 Cardinal Moon
Alfred Howard Soda Bar Sep 02 Alfred Howard
Spotlights Soda Bar Sep 03 Spotlights
The Anomaly Soda Bar Sep 03 The Anomaly
Micelves Soda Bar Sep 03 Micelves
Stickup Kid Soda Bar Sep 04 Stickup Kid, Crooked Teeth, Glacier Veins and 1 more...
See Through Dresses Soda Bar Sep 05 See Through Dresses
Boychick Soda Bar Sep 06 Boychick
Oak Palace Soda Bar Sep 06 Oak Palace
The Hooten Hallers Soda Bar Sep 07 The Hooten Hallers
Luke Rathborne Soda Bar Sep 07 Luke Rathborne
The Shivas Soda Bar Sep 08 The Shivas
Creepseed Soda Bar Sep 08 Creepseed
Andrew Marshall Soda Bar Sep 09 Andrew Marshall
Tigertown Soda Bar Sep 09 Tigertown, Verite
Verite Soda Bar Sep 09 Verite, Tigertown
The Slants Soda Bar Sep 10 The Slants
L1ght Ra1L Soda Bar Sep 10 L1ght Ra1L
The Night Howls Soda Bar Sep 11 The Night Howls, Danielle Nicole
Danielle Nicole Soda Bar Sep 11 Danielle Nicole
Danielle Nicole Band Soda Bar Sep 11 Danielle Nicole Band
Sundressed Soda Bar Sep 12 Sundressed
Wanted Noise Soda Bar Sep 12 Wanted Noise
dryjacket Soda Bar Sep 12 dryjacket, Sundressed
MC Lars Soda Bar Sep 13 MC Lars, Big O
Big O Soda Bar Sep 13 Big O
Scott H. Biram Soda Bar Sep 15 Scott H. Biram
Punk Rock Karaoke Soda Bar Sep 16 Punk Rock Karaoke
Authentic Sellout Soda Bar Sep 16 Authentic Sellout
Midnight Eagle Soda Bar Sep 16 Midnight Eagle
Snafu Soda Bar Sep 17 Snafu
Black Mass Soda Bar Sep 17 Black Mass
Prophets and Outlaws Soda Bar Sep 19 Prophets and Outlaws
Wish Soda Bar Sep 19 Wish
The Well Soda Bar Sep 19 The Well
Wish & the Well Soda Bar Sep 19 Wish & the Well, Prophets and Outlaws
A Si Soda Bar Sep 20 A Si
INVSN Soda Bar Sep 21 INVSN
Warsaw Soda Bar Sep 21 Warsaw
Sloppy Seconds Soda Bar Sep 22 Sloppy Seconds
Sidekick Soda Bar Sep 22 Sidekick
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp Soda Bar Sep 22 Jon Cougar Concentration Camp
Frankie Rose Soda Bar Sep 23 Frankie Rose, Suburban Living
Suburban Living Soda Bar Sep 23 Suburban Living, Frankie Rose
Rococode Soda Bar Sep 24 Rococode, Lean, L1ght Ra1L
Lean Soda Bar Sep 24 Lean
Juiceboxxx Soda Bar Sep 25 Juiceboxxx
The Parker Meridien Soda Bar Sep 25 The Parker Meridien
Public Service Broadcasting Soda Bar Sep 26 Public Service Broadcasting
Trip Advisor Soda Bar Sep 26 Trip Advisor
The Accidentals Soda Bar Sep 27 The Accidentals
Jake Allen Soda Bar Sep 27 Jake Allen
Y La Bamba Soda Bar Sep 29 Y La Bamba
Stephanie Brown Soda Bar Sep 29 Stephanie Brown
The Surrealistics Soda Bar Sep 29 The Surrealistics
Monogem Soda Bar Sep 29 Monogem
Jay Som Soda Bar Sep 30 Jay Som
Stef Chura Soda Bar Sep 30 Stef Chura
Madeline Kenney Soda Bar Sep 30 Madeline Kenney
Algiers Soda Bar Oct 01 Algiers
Blood Ponies Soda Bar Oct 01 Blood Ponies
Sheer Mag Soda Bar Oct 02 Sheer Mag
Tony Molina Soda Bar Oct 02 Tony Molina
Tenement Soda Bar Oct 02 Tenement
Santa Ana Knights Soda Bar Oct 02 Santa Ana Knights
Z etc. Soda Bar Oct 03 Z etc.
The Blow Soda Bar Oct 03 The Blow
JonWayne Soda Bar Oct 04 JonWayne
Danny Watts Soda Bar Oct 04 Danny Watts
DJ EMV Soda Bar Oct 04 DJ EMV
P.O.S. Soda Bar Oct 05 P.O.S.
B L A C K I E Soda Bar Oct 05 B L A C K I E
Rosetta Soda Bar Oct 06 Rosetta
North Soda Bar Oct 06 North, Rosetta, North
Hours Soda Bar Oct 06 Hours
Patrick Sweany Soda Bar Oct 07 Patrick Sweany
Ratboys Soda Bar Oct 08 Ratboys
Demerit Soda Bar Oct 10 Demerit
Escape from the Zoo Soda Bar Oct 10 Escape from the Zoo
Ground Score Soda Bar Oct 10 Ground Score
John Maus Soda Bar Oct 12 John Maus
Holy Shit Soda Bar Oct 12 Holy Shit
Red City Radio Soda Bar Oct 13 Red City Radio
Odd Robot Soda Bar Oct 13 Odd Robot
Sic Waiting Soda Bar Oct 13 Sic Waiting
Dälek Soda Bar Oct 14 Dälek
Street Sects Soda Bar Oct 14 Street Sects
Cult Leader Soda Bar Oct 14 Cult Leader
Vermin Womb Soda Bar Oct 14 Vermin Womb
Spaceface Soda Bar Oct 17 Spaceface
City of Caterpillar Soda Bar Oct 19 City of Caterpillar
Thou Soda Bar Oct 19 Thou
Tei Shi Soda Bar Oct 21 Tei Shi
Yawning Man Soda Bar Oct 22 Yawning Man
We are the asteroid Soda Bar Oct 22 We are the asteroid
Great Electric Quest Soda Bar Oct 22 Great Electric Quest
Frederick The Younger Soda Bar Oct 23 Frederick The Younger
The Score Soda Bar Oct 24 The Score, Mainland
Mainland Soda Bar Oct 24 Mainland
The Blank Tapes Soda Bar Oct 25 The Blank Tapes
Consider the Source Soda Bar Oct 27 Consider the Source
a Giant Dog Soda Bar Nov 02 a Giant Dog
Whiskey Shivers Soda Bar Nov 03 Whiskey Shivers, Billy Strings
Billy Strings Soda Bar Nov 03 Billy Strings, Whiskey Shivers
Son Little Soda Bar Nov 04 Son Little, Jade Bird
Jade Bird Soda Bar Nov 04 Jade Bird
Battalion of Saints Soda Bar Nov 12 Battalion of Saints
Opposition Rising Soda Bar Nov 12 Opposition Rising
the Cryptics Soda Bar Nov 12 the Cryptics
PSO Soda Bar Nov 12 PSO
Cold Specks Soda Bar Nov 13 Cold Specks
NE-HI Soda Bar Nov 16 NE-HI, Chad VanGaalen
The APX Soda Bar Nov 22 The APX
Rosby Soda Bar Nov 22 Rosby
Esme Patterson Soda Bar Dec 07 Esme Patterson, Esme Patterson, Susto
Susto Soda Bar Dec 07 Susto, Susto, Esme Patterson
Pierce Fulton Soda Bar Dec 16 Pierce Fulton