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Date Lineup
The Jam'd THE WHARF Aug 18 The Jam'd
Wolf Alice THE WHARF Aug 22 Wolf Alice
Stone Vulture THE WHARF Sep 01 Stone Vulture
The Normals THE WHARF Sep 08 The Normals
Stray THE WHARF Sep 10 Stray
Ozzbest THE WHARF Sep 15 Ozzbest
The Floyd Effect THE WHARF Sep 16 The Floyd Effect
Jack Bartlett THE WHARF Sep 23 Jack Bartlett
The Total Who Show THE WHARF Sep 29 The Total Who Show
the Kingstons THE WHARF Oct 14 the Kingstons
Whole Lotta Led THE WHARF Oct 28 Whole Lotta Led
Land of the Giants THE WHARF Nov 10 Land of the Giants
John Coughlan's Quo THE WHARF Nov 24 John Coughlan's Quo
Live/Wire - The AC/DC Show THE WHARF Nov 25 Live/Wire - The AC/DC Show
Rock and Roll Outlaws THE WHARF Dec 15 Rock and Roll Outlaws
Desperado THE WHARF Dec 16 Desperado