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Paul Luc Club Cafe Aug 21 Paul Luc, the Cordovas
the Cordovas Club Cafe Aug 21 the Cordovas
Danielle Nicole Band Club Cafe Aug 23 Danielle Nicole Band
Lee Dewyze Club Cafe Aug 30 Lee Dewyze
Frank Viele Club Cafe Aug 30 Frank Viele
The Stray Birds Club Cafe Aug 31 The Stray Birds
Emma Willmann Club Cafe Sep 14 Emma Willmann
Joe Purdy Club Cafe Sep 17 Joe Purdy, Amy Vachal
Amy Vachal Club Cafe Sep 17 Amy Vachal
Penny and Sparrow Club Cafe Sep 19 Penny and Sparrow
Lowland Hum Club Cafe Sep 19 Lowland Hum, Penny & Sparrow
That 1 Guy Club Cafe Sep 20 That 1 Guy
Son Little Club Cafe Sep 21 Son Little, Doe Paoro
Doe Paoro Club Cafe Sep 21 Doe Paoro, Son Little
The Quebe Sisters Club Cafe Sep 24 The Quebe Sisters
Thieves & Lovers Club Cafe Sep 26 Thieves & Lovers, Girls Guns and Glory, thieves and lovers
Girls Guns and Glory Club Cafe Sep 26 Girls Guns and Glory
Charlie Parr Club Cafe Sep 27 Charlie Parr
Luke Preston Club Cafe Sep 28 Luke Preston, Tony Lucca, Derik Hultquist
Derik Hultquist Club Cafe Sep 28 Derik Hultquist
Tony Lucca Club Cafe Sep 28 Tony Lucca, Derik Hultquist
Melodime Club Cafe Sep 29 Melodime
Jaye Jayle Club Cafe Oct 02 Jaye Jayle, Pelican
Dangermuffin Club Cafe Oct 06 Dangermuffin
Stephen Kellogg Club Cafe Oct 08 Stephen Kellogg
Frankie Rose Club Cafe Oct 09 Frankie Rose, Suburban Living
Suburban Living Club Cafe Oct 09 Suburban Living, Frankie Rose
Electric Six Club Cafe Oct 10 Electric Six
GROVES Club Cafe Oct 10 GROVES
Joshua Davis Club Cafe Oct 13 Joshua Davis
Jessica Lea Mayfield Club Cafe Oct 14 Jessica Lea Mayfield, Mal Blum
Pickwick Club Cafe Oct 16 Pickwick
The Yawpers Club Cafe Oct 19 The Yawpers, Low Cut Connie
Low Cut Connie Club Cafe Oct 19 Low Cut Connie
David Archuleta Club Cafe Oct 26 David Archuleta
Humming House Club Cafe Oct 31 Humming House, Becca Mancari
Shane Smith & The Saints Club Cafe Nov 02 Shane Smith & The Saints
Bonnie Bishop Club Cafe Nov 04 Bonnie Bishop
Rebirth Brass Band Club Cafe Nov 05 Rebirth Brass Band
P.O.S. Club Cafe Nov 06 P.O.S., Metasota, Transit22 and 1 more...
Johnny Dowd Club Cafe Nov 08 Johnny Dowd, Pere Ubu, Johnny Dowd
The Accidentals Club Cafe Nov 09 The Accidentals
Will Dailey Club Cafe Nov 14 Will Dailey
David Bazan Club Cafe Nov 18 David Bazan, Michael Nau
Chad VanGaalen Club Cafe Dec 05 Chad VanGaalen, Chad VanGaalen, Un Blonde
Steve Forbert Club Cafe Dec 09 Steve Forbert
Griffin House Club Cafe Feb 10, 2018 Griffin House