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The Soul Steppers Suburbs Sep 16 The Soul Steppers
DJS Suburbs Sep 16 DJS
Vice Squad Suburbs Oct 06 Vice Squad
Crisis... Back In Guildford Suburbs Oct 13 Crisis... Back In Guildford
Crisis Suburbs Oct 13 Crisis
Deadcuts Suburbs Oct 13 Deadcuts
Holy Faction Suburbs Oct 13 Holy Faction
Morgellons Suburbs Oct 13 Morgellons, Crisis, Deadcuts and 1 more...
8 Rounds Rapid Suburbs Oct 21 8 Rounds Rapid
The Estimators Suburbs Nov 17 The Estimators
Corduroy/Vibe Tribe Suburbs Dec 01 Corduroy/Vibe Tribe
The Soulutions! Suburbs Dec 15 The Soulutions!
TROJAN BEATS Xmas Ska Suburbs Dec 23 TROJAN BEATS Xmas Ska