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Pickwick Space Aug 18 Pickwick, Prism Tats
Prism Tats Space Aug 18 Prism Tats
Pauline Black DJ Set Space Aug 24 Pauline Black DJ Set
Rob Benavides and Rob Moran DJ's Space Aug 24 Rob Benavides and Rob Moran DJ's
Theatre of Hate Space Sep 10 Theatre of Hate
Bell Tower Bats Space Sep 10 Bell Tower Bats
Blood Ponies Space Sep 10 Blood Ponies
Djs Javi Nunez Space Sep 10 Djs Javi Nunez
Camilla Robina Space Sep 10 Camilla Robina
Samantha Fish Space Sep 19 Samantha Fish
Skylar Spence Space Sep 22 Skylar Spence
Jonah Baseball Space Sep 22 Jonah Baseball