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Killah Priest The Forge Aug 17 Killah Priest
Bronze Nazareth The Forge Aug 17 Bronze Nazareth
Lez Zeppelin The Forge Aug 18 Lez Zeppelin
The Reunion Tour! The Forge Aug 19 The Reunion Tour!
Fist-A-Gon The Forge Aug 19 Fist-A-Gon
Stone Trippin Pilots The Forge Aug 19 Stone Trippin Pilots
Facelift The Forge Aug 19 Facelift
Incantation The Forge Aug 25 Incantation
Abysmal Dawn The Forge Aug 25 Abysmal Dawn
Marduk The Forge Aug 25 Marduk
Lacuna Coil The Forge Sep 06 Lacuna Coil
Insomnium The Forge Sep 06 Insomnium
Elantris The Forge Sep 06 Elantris
Epica The Forge Sep 06 Epica, Lacuna Coil, Insomnium and 1 more...
Jason Charles Miller The Forge Sep 07 Jason Charles Miller
Black Fast The Forge Sep 08 Black Fast, Overkill, Crowbar and 2 more...
Overkill The Forge Sep 08 Overkill
Crowbar The Forge Sep 08 Crowbar
Invidia The Forge Sep 08 Invidia
Havok The Forge Sep 08 Havok, Black Fast
Metal Alliance Tour The Forge Sep 08 Metal Alliance Tour
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony The Forge Sep 10 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Twiztid The Forge Sep 12 Twiztid, MOONSHINE BANDITS, Blaze- Ya Dead Homie and 1 more...
Whitney Peyton The Forge Sep 12 Whitney Peyton
Blaze- Ya Dead Homie The Forge Sep 12 Blaze- Ya Dead Homie, Twiztid
Thy Art Is Murder The Forge Sep 14 Thy Art Is Murder, Decapitated, Fallujah and 1 more...
Ghost Bath The Forge Sep 14 Ghost Bath, Thy Art Is Murder, Decapitated and 1 more...
Decapitated The Forge Sep 14 Decapitated, Thy Art Is Murder
The Iron Maidens The Forge Sep 15 The Iron Maidens
Dark Tranquillity The Forge Sep 20 Dark Tranquillity, Warbringer, Striker
Warbringer The Forge Sep 20 Warbringer
Here Come the Mummies The Forge Sep 21 Here Come the Mummies
Magic Mike Tour The Forge Sep 22 Magic Mike Tour
The Birthday Massacre The Forge Sep 25 The Birthday Massacre
Powertrip The Forge Sep 29 Powertrip, Exodus, Obituary
Obituary The Forge Sep 29 Obituary
Exodus The Forge Sep 29 Exodus, Obituary, Powertrip and 1 more...
Dust Bolt The Forge Sep 29 Dust Bolt
Pat Tomasulo As Seen On the WGN Morning News Jim Flannigan Finalist In The Forge Sep 30 Pat Tomasulo As Seen On the WGN Morning News Jim Flannigan Finalist In
New Years Day The Forge Oct 01 New Years Day
Mushroomhead The Forge Oct 03 Mushroomhead
One-Eyed Doll The Forge Oct 06 One-Eyed Doll, One-Eyed Doll, Doll Skin
Doll Skin The Forge Oct 06 Doll Skin
DOPE The Forge Oct 12 DOPE
(həd) p.e. The Forge Oct 12 (həd) p.e.
Kirra The Forge Oct 13 Kirra, Saving Abel, Soil
Saving Abel The Forge Oct 13 Saving Abel
Soil The Forge Oct 13 Soil
Lody Kong The Forge Oct 16 Lody Kong
Soulfly The Forge Oct 16 Soulfly
Secondhand Serenade The Forge Oct 18 Secondhand Serenade, He Is We, Ronnie Winter-Defoe of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
He Is We The Forge Oct 18 He Is We
PNB ROCK The Forge Nov 03 PNB ROCK
Red The Forge Nov 05 Red, 10 Years, OTHERWISE
10 Years The Forge Nov 05 10 Years
OTHERWISE The Forge Nov 05 OTHERWISE, Red, 10 Years
Immolation The Forge Nov 09 Immolation
Black Anvil The Forge Nov 09 Black Anvil
Doyle Official The Forge Nov 10 Doyle Official, Doyle Official
Doyle Airence The Forge Nov 10 Doyle Airence
Narcotic Wasteland The Forge Nov 24 Narcotic Wasteland
Rittz The Forge Nov 30 Rittz
Gus G The Forge Dec 02 Gus G, Vinnie Moore
Vinnie Moore The Forge Dec 02 Vinnie Moore
TD Clark The Forge Dec 02 TD Clark
Udo Dirkschneider The Forge Mar 07, 2018 Udo Dirkschneider