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Date Lineup
Pig&Dan Sugar Aug 25 Pig&Dan
Dan Sugar Aug 25 Dan
Rhyziel Sugar Aug 25 Rhyziel
Matais Sugar Aug 25 Matais
Cusack Sugar Aug 25 Cusack
Oetus Sugar Aug 25 Oetus
Matt Adlington Sugar Aug 25 Matt Adlington
Abra Sugar Aug 30 Abra
Manu Crook$ Sugar Aug 30 Manu Crook$
Nvsty Mvlitia Sugar Aug 30 Nvsty Mvlitia
Playback 808 Showcase Sugar Aug 30 Playback 808 Showcase
Spacegirl Gemmy Sugar Aug 30 Spacegirl Gemmy
Lauren Rose Sugar Aug 30 Lauren Rose
BBY Angel. Sugar Aug 30 BBY Angel.
Dale Howard Sugar Sep 15 Dale Howard
Chaos In The CBD Sugar Sep 23 Chaos In The CBD
Chaos In The CBD @ Sugar Sugar Sep 23 Chaos In The CBD @ Sugar
Asquith Sugar Sep 30 Asquith
nthng Sugar Sep 30 nthng
DJ Heure Sugar Sep 30 DJ Heure
Hank Youngman Sugar Sep 30 Hank Youngman
Max Chapman Sugar Oct 13 Max Chapman
Nastia Sugar Nov 10 Nastia
Matais Sugar Nov 10 Matais
Cusack Sugar Nov 10 Cusack
Mel lake Sugar Nov 10 Mel lake
J. Hennessy Sugar Nov 10 J. Hennessy
Wallace and Malone Sugar Nov 10 Wallace and Malone