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Ben Hathorne Memorial Launchpad Aug 19 Ben Hathorne Memorial
Jason Danielo Launchpad Aug 19 Jason Danielo
Ryan Martino Launchpad Aug 19 Ryan Martino
Patema Launchpad Aug 20 Patema, DECEITFUL, The Ground Beneath and 1 more...
The Ground Beneath Launchpad Aug 20 The Ground Beneath
TGB Lessons Students Launchpad Aug 20 TGB Lessons Students
Pelican Launchpad Aug 22 Pelican
Inter Arma Launchpad Aug 22 Inter Arma
Future Scars Launchpad Aug 22 Future Scars
Demrick Launchpad Aug 23 Demrick
¡Mayday! Launchpad Aug 23 ¡Mayday!, ¡Mayday!
DJ Stigmata Launchpad Aug 23 DJ Stigmata
Septicemia Records Launchpad Aug 23 Septicemia Records
The Fine Constant Launchpad Aug 24 The Fine Constant, Marty Friedman, Scale the Summit and 1 more...
Scale the Summit Launchpad Aug 24 Scale the Summit, The Fine Constant, Marty Friedman
Marty Friedman Launchpad Aug 24 Marty Friedman
The Talking Hours Launchpad Aug 25 The Talking Hours, Get Action, Andy and 2 more...
Get Action Launchpad Aug 25 Get Action
Andy Launchpad Aug 25 Andy
Big Girls Launchpad Aug 25 Big Girls
talking hours Launchpad Aug 25 talking hours
The Coma Recovery Launchpad Aug 26 The Coma Recovery
TIME 4 CHANGE Launchpad Aug 26 TIME 4 CHANGE
CASKETS Launchpad Aug 26 CASKETS
Fallen Angel Fantasy Launchpad Aug 26 Fallen Angel Fantasy
Bella Norte Launchpad Aug 27 Bella Norte
Bella Morte Launchpad Aug 27 Bella Morte
Aurelio Voltaire Launchpad Aug 27 Aurelio Voltaire
Tripping Dogs Launchpad Aug 27 Tripping Dogs
DJ Blackdeath Launchpad Aug 27 DJ Blackdeath
DJ Atakra Launchpad Aug 27 DJ Atakra
Zander Schloss Launchpad Aug 28 Zander Schloss
Gentry Launchpad Aug 28 Gentry
VNV Nation Launchpad Aug 29 VNV Nation
iVardensphere Launchpad Aug 29 iVardensphere
SECRETS Launchpad Aug 29 SECRETS
Out Came the Wolves Launchpad Aug 30 Out Came the Wolves
WolfPack Weekend Launchpad Aug 30 WolfPack Weekend
Tides. Launchpad Aug 30 Tides.
Painting Promises Launchpad Aug 30 Painting Promises
Reno Divorce Launchpad Aug 31 Reno Divorce
The Despots Launchpad Aug 31 The Despots
Shadow Creeps Launchpad Aug 31 Shadow Creeps
Voodoo Glow Skulls Launchpad Sep 01 Voodoo Glow Skulls
The Big Spank Launchpad Sep 01 The Big Spank
Fire to the rescue Launchpad Sep 01 Fire to the rescue
The Withdrawals Launchpad Sep 02 The Withdrawals
Pherkad Launchpad Sep 02 Pherkad
Keith Kavula And The Withdrawals Launchpad Sep 02 Keith Kavula And The Withdrawals
Earthless Launchpad Sep 03 Earthless
Cloud Catcher Launchpad Sep 03 Cloud Catcher
Shoggoth Launchpad Sep 03 Shoggoth
Barney's Birthday Bash Launchpad Sep 04 Barney's Birthday Bash
No Zodiac Launchpad Sep 05 No Zodiac
Left Behind Launchpad Sep 05 Left Behind
I AM Launchpad Sep 05 I AM
I'm Broken Launchpad Sep 07 I'm Broken
Merican Slang Launchpad Sep 08 Merican Slang
Bandwidth No Name Launchpad Sep 08 Bandwidth No Name
The Uplift Movement Launchpad Sep 08 The Uplift Movement
Citizens of Tape City Launchpad Sep 08 Citizens of Tape City
Alibi Fall Crawl!! Launchpad Sep 09 Alibi Fall Crawl!!
Alibi Fall Crawl!! The Big Spank Launchpad Sep 09 Alibi Fall Crawl!! The Big Spank
Supergiant Launchpad Sep 09 Supergiant
Music Is the Enemy Launchpad Sep 09 Music Is the Enemy
Crushed!? Launchpad Sep 09 Crushed!?
Violent Dischord Launchpad Sep 11 Violent Dischord
Cobra vs Mongoose Launchpad Sep 11 Cobra vs Mongoose
Cripple Launchpad Sep 11 Cripple
Grieves Launchpad Sep 12 Grieves
Lucero Launchpad Sep 14 Lucero
Matthew Logan Vasquez Launchpad Sep 14 Matthew Logan Vasquez
The Riddims Launchpad Sep 15 The Riddims
InnaState Launchpad Sep 15 InnaState
DJ Positrax Launchpad Sep 15 DJ Positrax
The Riddims Launchpad Sep 23 The Riddims
The Big Spank Launchpad Sep 23 The Big Spank
The Valley Rats Launchpad Sep 23 The Valley Rats
Somewhat Lethargic Launchpad Sep 23 Somewhat Lethargic
Burque SOL Launchpad Sep 23 Burque SOL
Deerhoof Launchpad Sep 24 Deerhoof
Christina Schneider's Genius Grant Launchpad Sep 24 Christina Schneider's Genius Grant
mayya and the revolutionary hell yeah! Launchpad Sep 24 mayya and the revolutionary hell yeah!
Miss May I Launchpad Sep 25 Miss May I
Lorna Shore Launchpad Sep 25 Lorna Shore
Ice Nine Kills Launchpad Sep 25 Ice Nine Kills
Capsize Launchpad Sep 25 Capsize
Westwind Launchpad Sep 25 Westwind
Froggy Fresh Launchpad Sep 26 Froggy Fresh
Trapt Launchpad Sep 27 Trapt
Ashes of Jupiter Launchpad Sep 27 Ashes of Jupiter, Trapt
Blinddryve Launchpad Sep 27 Blinddryve
Patema Launchpad Sep 27 Patema
Melvins Launchpad Oct 02 Melvins, Spotlights
Spotlights Launchpad Oct 02 Spotlights
Wolves in the Throne Room Launchpad Oct 03 Wolves in the Throne Room
Pillorian Launchpad Oct 03 Pillorian
Pears Launchpad Oct 05 Pears
Russian Girlfriends Launchpad Oct 05 Russian Girlfriends, Pears, Big Ups
Revocation Launchpad Oct 13 Revocation
Full of Hell Launchpad Oct 13 Full of Hell
Artificial Brain Launchpad Oct 13 Artificial Brain
Cattle Decapitation Launchpad Oct 13 Cattle Decapitation
Wednesday 13 Launchpad Oct 18 Wednesday 13, Eyes Set to Kill, Repulsur
Witt Lowry Launchpad Oct 23 Witt Lowry
Upon A Burning Body Launchpad Nov 02 Upon A Burning Body
Prison Launchpad Nov 02 Prison
Cousin Stizz Launchpad Nov 04 Cousin Stizz
The Underachievers Launchpad Nov 11 The Underachievers