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Metal A Day Posten Aug 18 Metal A Day
Nyt Blod Vol. 3 Posten Sep 07 Nyt Blod Vol. 3
Nyt Blod #3 Posten Sep 07 Nyt Blod #3
Shotgun Revolution Posten Sep 08 Shotgun Revolution
Skullclub Posten Sep 15 Skullclub
barselona Posten Sep 21 barselona
Molo Posten Sep 22 Molo
Procol Harum Posten Sep 23 Procol Harum
Menu i Loungen Posten Sep 23 Menu i Loungen
Peppermint B Posten Sep 28 Peppermint B
Communions Posten Sep 30 Communions
Mike Zito Posten Oct 04 Mike Zito
Fribytterdrømme Posten Oct 06 Fribytterdrømme
Fribytterdrømme Posten Oct 06 Fribytterdrømme
Kellermensch Posten Oct 07 Kellermensch
Sebastian Lind Posten Oct 11 Sebastian Lind
Electric Guitars Posten Oct 12 Electric Guitars
Menu Posten Oct 12 Menu
Nabiha Posten Oct 13 Nabiha
Nelson Can Posten Oct 14 Nelson Can
Nyt Blod Vol. 4 Posten Oct 19 Nyt Blod Vol. 4
Pede B Posten Oct 20 Pede B
The Sandmen Posten Oct 21 The Sandmen
Katinka Posten Oct 25 Katinka
Phlake Posten Oct 26 Phlake
Karl William Posten Oct 28 Karl William
Hurray for the Riff Raff Posten Oct 30 Hurray for the Riff Raff, Slow Dancer
Slow Dancer Posten Oct 30 Slow Dancer
Jonny Lang Posten Nov 01 Jonny Lang
Franske Piger Posten Nov 02 Franske Piger
Peter Belli Posten Nov 03 Peter Belli
De Rejsende Posten Nov 03 De Rejsende
Menu Posten Nov 03 Menu
The Minds of 99 Posten Nov 04 The Minds of 99
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Posten Nov 07 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Tales of Murder and Dust Posten Nov 07 Tales of Murder and Dust
Suspekt Posten Nov 08 Suspekt
Suspekt Posten Nov 09 Suspekt
Marie Key Posten Nov 10 Marie Key
Buffet Posten Nov 11 Buffet
Samantha Fish Posten Nov 11 Samantha Fish
Rob Tognoni Posten Nov 11 Rob Tognoni
Blaue Blume Posten Nov 16 Blaue Blume
Scarlet Pleasure Posten Nov 17 Scarlet Pleasure
Pink Floyd Project Posten Nov 18 Pink Floyd Project
Julebuffet Posten Nov 18 Julebuffet
Julebuffet Posten Nov 23 Julebuffet
Magtens Korridorer Posten Nov 23 Magtens Korridorer
Hjalmer Posten Nov 24 Hjalmer
Peter Sommer Posten Nov 30 Peter Sommer
Tiggerne Posten Nov 30 Tiggerne
Julebuffet Posten Dec 01 Julebuffet
Coldplace Posten Dec 02 Coldplace
Julebuffet Posten Dec 02 Julebuffet
Dicte / Claus Hempler feat. Mika Vandborg Posten Dec 07 Dicte / Claus Hempler feat. Mika Vandborg
Dicte Posten Dec 07 Dicte
Claus Hempler Posten Dec 07 Claus Hempler
Mika Vandborg Posten Dec 07 Mika Vandborg
Julebuffet Posten Dec 08 Julebuffet
Jonah Blacksmith Posten Dec 09 Jonah Blacksmith
Soleima Posten Dec 15 Soleima
Thorbjørn Risager Band Posten Dec 16 Thorbjørn Risager Band
Zirkus 12/1 Posten Jan 12, 2018 Zirkus 12/1
Zirkus 13/1 Posten Jan 13, 2018 Zirkus 13/1
Cradle of Filth Posten Mar 03, 2018 Cradle of Filth, Moonspellofficialband