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Edgar Winter Band The Muse Aug 22 Edgar Winter Band
Jon Gazi The Muse Aug 23 Jon Gazi, Authority Zero, The Supervillains
The Supervillains The Muse Aug 23 The Supervillains
Authority Zero The Muse Aug 23 Authority Zero
Rocket 77 The Muse Aug 23 Rocket 77
and Rocket 77 The Muse Aug 23 and Rocket 77
and John Gazi The Muse Aug 23 and John Gazi
Shelia E. The Muse Aug 24 Shelia E.
The Phantom Playboys The Muse Aug 25 The Phantom Playboys
Rocket 77 The Muse Aug 25 Rocket 77
The Coastal Collective The Muse Aug 26 The Coastal Collective
ASG The Muse Sep 01 ASG
DoubleWide The Muse Sep 01 DoubleWide
Exploding Math Lab The Muse Sep 01 Exploding Math Lab
Quiet Riot The Muse Sep 02 Quiet Riot
Salvacion The Muse Sep 02 Salvacion
Salvación and Mortal Man The Muse Sep 02 Salvación and Mortal Man
Knightmare and Mortal Man The Muse Sep 02 Knightmare and Mortal Man
Zach Deputy The Muse Sep 09 Zach Deputy
Passafire The Muse Sep 10 Passafire, The Werks
The Werks The Muse Sep 10 The Werks
Loose Jets The Muse Sep 15 Loose Jets
Blackfoot The Muse Sep 15 Blackfoot
Nowhere's Home The Muse Sep 15 Nowhere's Home
Lynch Mob The Muse Sep 16 Lynch Mob
Children of the Reptile The Muse Sep 16 Children of the Reptile
Salvacion The Muse Sep 16 Salvacion
RiFF RAFF The Muse Sep 30 RiFF RAFF
Trevor Hall The Muse Oct 03 Trevor Hall, East Forest
East Forest The Muse Oct 03 East Forest
Christina Holmes The Muse Oct 03 Christina Holmes, Trevor Hall
The Fruitful Darkness Tour The Muse Oct 03 The Fruitful Darkness Tour
Sponge The Muse Oct 13 Sponge
Exploding Math Lab The Muse Oct 13 Exploding Math Lab
Sunset Kings The Muse Oct 13 Sunset Kings
Perpetual Groove The Muse Oct 14 Perpetual Groove
Matisyahu The Muse Oct 15 Matisyahu, Common Kings, Orphan
Common Kings The Muse Oct 15 Common Kings, Matisyahu
The Broken Crowns Tour The Muse Oct 15 The Broken Crowns Tour
Orphan The Muse Oct 15 Orphan
The Movement The Muse Oct 26 The Movement, New Kingston, Signal Fire
New Kingston The Muse Oct 26 New Kingston, The Movement
The Struts The Muse Oct 27 The Struts
The Sruts The Muse Oct 27 The Sruts
Craig Gass The Muse Oct 27 Craig Gass
Loose Jets The Muse Oct 27 Loose Jets
Shooter Jennings The Muse Nov 04 Shooter Jennings
MISSIO The Muse Nov 07 MISSIO, Blue October
support from Missio The Muse Nov 07 support from Missio
Secondhand Serenade The Muse Nov 22 Secondhand Serenade, He Is We, Ronnie Winter-Defoe of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Unknown Hinson The Muse Nov 24 Unknown Hinson
Cannibal Corpse The Muse Dec 02 Cannibal Corpse