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Low Country Hill Tranzac Oct 21 Low Country Hill
DJs LordAUK Tranzac Oct 21 DJs LordAUK
New Chance Tranzac Oct 21 New Chance
Ron Wolf Jr Tranzac Oct 21 Ron Wolf Jr
Nilan Perera Tranzac Oct 22 Nilan Perera
Michael Laderoute Tranzac Oct 22 Michael Laderoute
Steve Paul Simms Tranzac Oct 22 Steve Paul Simms
Gathering Sparks Singalong Soirée Tranzac Oct 22 Gathering Sparks Singalong Soirée
Nilan Perera Quintet Tranzac Oct 22 Nilan Perera Quintet
Fergus Hambleton Tranzac Oct 24 Fergus Hambleton
Canadian Electronic Ensemble Tranzac Oct 24 Canadian Electronic Ensemble
John Kameel Farah Tranzac Oct 24 John Kameel Farah
Bellwether 4 Tranzac Oct 25 Bellwether 4
Evan Cartwright Band Tranzac Oct 25 Evan Cartwright Band
Houndstooth Tranzac Oct 26 Houndstooth
Karen Ng Tranzac Oct 26 Karen Ng
Aurochs Tranzac Oct 27 Aurochs
Ryan Driver Sextet Tranzac Oct 27 Ryan Driver Sextet
Cosmic Homeostasis V Tranzac Oct 29 Cosmic Homeostasis V
GC/DC Tranzac Oct 29 GC/DC
Carlie Howell Tranzac Oct 29 Carlie Howell
the DeHarms Tranzac Oct 29 the DeHarms
Brodie West Tranzac Oct 30 Brodie West
TKBA Goes Cosplay Ball Tranzac Oct 31 TKBA Goes Cosplay Ball
Soroush Mosavati Tranzac Oct 31 Soroush Mosavati
Nick Fraser Presents Tranzac Oct 31 Nick Fraser Presents
Houndstooth Tranzac Nov 02 Houndstooth
Houndstooth Tranzac Nov 09 Houndstooth
John Kameel Farah Tranzac Nov 10 John Kameel Farah
Houndstooth Tranzac Nov 16 Houndstooth
Bellwether 4 Tranzac Nov 29 Bellwether 4
More Songs Tranzac Dec 03 More Songs
Poems Tranzac Dec 03 Poems
Bellwether 4 Tranzac Dec 27 Bellwether 4