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Hashman Deejay Sugarfactory Aug 28 Hashman Deejay
Kremlin Disko Sugarfactory Sep 10 Kremlin Disko
Hein Cooper Sugarfactory Sep 18 Hein Cooper
The Flatliners Sugarfactory Sep 23 The Flatliners
Not Scientists Sugarfactory Sep 23 Not Scientists, The Flatliners, Prawn
Brett Newski Sugarfactory Sep 27 Brett Newski, Bony Macaroni
Moon Moon Moon Sugarfactory Sep 30 Moon Moon Moon, NewMoon, Moon Tapes and 1 more...
HENRY JAMISON Sugarfactory Oct 01 HENRY JAMISON, Mt. Wolf
Roger Sanchez Sugarfactory Oct 20 Roger Sanchez
Tender Sugarfactory Oct 25 Tender
Skinny Lister Sugarfactory Oct 27 Skinny Lister
Julian Velard Sugarfactory Nov 17 Julian Velard
We Bless This Mess Sugarfactory Nov 22 We Bless This Mess, Ducking Punches, We Bless This Mess
The Hazzah Sugarfactory Nov 30 The Hazzah, Mooon