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Date Lineup
Chris Forsyth Monarch Aug 31 Chris Forsyth
The Solar Motel Band Monarch Aug 31 The Solar Motel Band
Jen Cloher Monarch Sep 17 Jen Cloher
Alasdair Roberts Monarch Sep 20 Alasdair Roberts
Mauno Monarch Sep 24 Mauno
Isaac Gracie Monarch Sep 25 Isaac Gracie
Will Samson Monarch Oct 11 Will Samson
Robyn Hitchcock Monarch Oct 21 Robyn Hitchcock
Scope Festival Monarch Oct 23 Scope Festival
Christopher James Chaplin Monarch Oct 24 Christopher James Chaplin, Stereo Hypnosis
Daniel W. Best Monarch Oct 27 Daniel W. Best
Scope Festival Monarch Oct 27 Scope Festival
The Weather Station Monarch Oct 29 The Weather Station
Savoy Motel Monarch Oct 30 Savoy Motel
Bearcubs Monarch Nov 18 Bearcubs
No Money Kids Monarch Dec 09 No Money Kids