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Cerebral Extinction From Hell Sep 10 Cerebral Extinction
Avatarium From Hell Sep 20 Avatarium
Sidebürns From Hell Sep 30 Sidebürns
Kickin Valentina From Hell Oct 01 Kickin Valentina, Nitrogods, MF Ruckus
Nitrogods From Hell Oct 01 Nitrogods
MF Ruckus From Hell Oct 01 MF Ruckus
Tankard From Hell Oct 06 Tankard
Vulture Industries From Hell Oct 08 Vulture Industries
Welicoruss From Hell Nov 30 Welicoruss, Acherontas, LYCHGATE
Acherontas From Hell Nov 30 Acherontas
Lost in Grey From Hell Dec 03 Lost in Grey, Kalmah, Nothgard and 1 more...
Krayenzeit From Hell Jan 13, 2018 Krayenzeit, HARPYIE
Eisfabrik From Hell Feb 10, 2018 Eisfabrik, Rroyce, ALIENARE