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Date Lineup
Ryan Hamilton Thekla Aug 24 Ryan Hamilton
Fort Hope Thekla Aug 24 Fort Hope
Hardly A Party Thekla Aug 27 Hardly A Party
Ultimate Painting Thekla Aug 27 Ultimate Painting
Happyness Thekla Aug 27 Happyness
Girl Ray Thekla Aug 27 Girl Ray
Best Thekla Aug 27 Best
Personal Best Thekla Aug 27 Personal Best
Joey Fourr Thekla Aug 27 Joey Fourr
Oro Swimming Hour Thekla Aug 27 Oro Swimming Hour
Penelope Isles Thekla Aug 27 Penelope Isles
Two White Cranes Thekla Aug 27 Two White Cranes
Nugget Thekla Aug 27 Nugget
Pixx Thekla Aug 27 Pixx
The Spook School Thekla Aug 27 The Spook School
The Orielles Thekla Aug 27 The Orielles
Gorgeous Bully Thekla Aug 27 Gorgeous Bully
Frankie Davies Thekla Aug 30 Frankie Davies
Mo Pitney Thekla Aug 30 Mo Pitney
The Yearly Trust Thekla Sep 02 The Yearly Trust
Floralyn George Thekla Sep 02 Floralyn George
Paul Kelly Thekla Sep 05 Paul Kelly
Girlpool Thekla Sep 06 Girlpool
Ian Sweet Thekla Sep 06 Ian Sweet
San Cisco Thekla Sep 07 San Cisco
Alvvays Thekla Sep 09 Alvvays
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Thekla Sep 13 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The Ruby Suns Thekla Sep 13 The Ruby Suns
The Maine Thekla Sep 14 The Maine, The Technicolors, Night Riots
Night Riots Thekla Sep 14 Night Riots, The Maine
The Technicolors Thekla Sep 14 The Technicolors, The Maine, Night Riots
The Lounge Kittens Thekla Sep 16 The Lounge Kittens, Jaret Reddick
Jaret Reddick Thekla Sep 16 Jaret Reddick
The Veils Thekla Sep 17 The Veils, The Veils
Jake Isaac Thekla Sep 18 Jake Isaac
Sherry S Thekla Sep 19 Sherry S
Paul Draper Thekla Sep 22 Paul Draper
The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show Thekla Sep 22 The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show
Macmillan Fest 2017 Thekla Sep 23 Macmillan Fest 2017
Aquilo Thekla Sep 24 Aquilo
Aubrey Logan Thekla Sep 25 Aubrey Logan
Madam X Thekla Sep 26 Madam X, Paleman, Sir William Walton and 1 more...
Tom Grennan Thekla Sep 28 Tom Grennan
Van Zeller Thekla Sep 29 Van Zeller
Hanni El Khatib Thekla Sep 30 Hanni El Khatib
Bang Bang Romeo Thekla Oct 01 Bang Bang Romeo, The Shimmer Band, The Blinders and 2 more...
This Feeling Thekla Oct 01 This Feeling
The Shimmer Band Thekla Oct 01 The Shimmer Band
The Blinders Thekla Oct 01 The Blinders
BlackWaters Thekla Oct 01 BlackWaters
This Feeling Alive Thekla Oct 01 This Feeling Alive
The Drums Thekla Oct 02 The Drums
My Baby Thekla Oct 03 My Baby
Superfood Thekla Oct 04 Superfood
Fickle Thekla Oct 07 Fickle
Fickle Friends Thekla Oct 07 Fickle Friends
The Strypes Thekla Oct 10 The Strypes
The Alarm Thekla Oct 11 The Alarm
Jordan Rakei Thekla Oct 12 Jordan Rakei
Brother Strut Thekla Oct 13 Brother Strut
Still Remains Thekla Oct 14 Still Remains
Wars Thekla Oct 14 Wars
Peatbog Faeries Thekla Oct 16 Peatbog Faeries
Ibeyi Thekla Oct 18 Ibeyi
Lice Thekla Oct 20 Lice
YOWL Thekla Oct 20 YOWL
Roddy Woomble Thekla Oct 21 Roddy Woomble
Lightyear Official Thekla Oct 23 Lightyear Official, Unqualified Nurse Band, The Bar Stool Preachers
Liam Fray Thekla Oct 23 Liam Fray
Lightyear Thekla Oct 24 Lightyear
Unqualified Nurse Band Thekla Oct 24 Unqualified Nurse Band
The Bar Stool Preachers Thekla Oct 24 The Bar Stool Preachers
Skinny Living Thekla Oct 27 Skinny Living
Jake Clemons Thekla Oct 29 Jake Clemons
Picture This Thekla Oct 30 Picture This
Katie Von Schleicher Thekla Nov 01 Katie Von Schleicher
The Travelling Band Thekla Nov 02 The Travelling Band
Julia Jacklin Thekla Nov 03 Julia Jacklin
The Lancashire Hotpots Thekla Nov 04 The Lancashire Hotpots
Parcels Thekla Nov 07 Parcels
Bad Sounds Thekla Nov 08 Bad Sounds
Brix Thekla Nov 09 Brix
The Extricated Thekla Nov 09 The Extricated
Brix And The Extricated Thekla Nov 09 Brix And The Extricated
Decapitated Thekla Nov 10 Decapitated
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Thekla Nov 12 ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
The Travis Waltons Thekla Nov 12 The Travis Waltons
Our Nameless Boy Thekla Nov 12 Our Nameless Boy
DJ Format Thekla Nov 15 DJ Format
Abdominal Thekla Nov 15 Abdominal
The Slow Readers Club Thekla Nov 17 The Slow Readers Club
Slow Readers Club Thekla Nov 17 Slow Readers Club
Wolf Parade Thekla Nov 18 Wolf Parade
Marika Hackman Thekla Nov 22 Marika Hackman
Tom Russell Thekla Nov 23 Tom Russell
And So I Watch You From Afar Thekla Nov 26 And So I Watch You From Afar
Betsy Thekla Nov 27 Betsy
Ian Felice Thekla Nov 28 Ian Felice
Jesca Hoop Thekla Nov 30 Jesca Hoop
Blaenavon Thekla Dec 01 Blaenavon
The Night Café Thekla Dec 01 The Night Café
The Spitfires Thekla Dec 02 The Spitfires
The Novatones Thekla Dec 02 The Novatones
Pumarosa Thekla Dec 05 Pumarosa
Sonia Leigh Thekla Dec 07 Sonia Leigh, Broken Witt Rebels
Broken Wit Rebels Thekla Dec 07 Broken Wit Rebels
Lord Huron Thekla Jan 21, 2018 Lord Huron