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City of the Sun SO36 Aug 23 City of the Sun
Dead by April SO36 Sep 05 Dead by April
Noise Forest SO36 Sep 10 Noise Forest, Warpath, Detraktor and 1 more...
Sully Erna SO36 Sep 21 Sully Erna
Disfear SO36 Sep 23 Disfear
Ensiferum SO36 Sep 29 Ensiferum
Wolfheart SO36 Sep 29 Wolfheart, Ensiferum, Skyclad
Skyclad SO36 Sep 29 Skyclad
Belphegor SO36 Oct 04 Belphegor
Modern English SO36 Oct 05 Modern English
Satyricon Norway SO36 Oct 16 Satyricon Norway, Satyricon
Satyricon SO36 Oct 16 Satyricon
Suicidal Angels SO36 Oct 16 Suicidal Angels, Satyricon
Oceano SO36 Oct 19 Oceano, Thy Art Is Murder
Justice For The Damned SO36 Oct 19 Justice For The Damned, Thy Art Is Murder
After the Burial SO36 Oct 19 After the Burial, Thy Art Is Murder
AGGROPUNK FEST 2017 Berlin SO36 Oct 20 AGGROPUNK FEST 2017 Berlin
AGGROPUNK FEST 2017 Berlin @ SO36 SO36 Oct 20 AGGROPUNK FEST 2017 Berlin @ SO36
RotFront SO36 Nov 03 RotFront
Clawerfield SO36 Nov 08 Clawerfield, Breakdown Of Sanity, Adept and 1 more...
Sworn In SO36 Nov 10 Sworn In, Emmure, Deez Nuts and 4 more...
Lorna Shore SO36 Nov 10 Lorna Shore, Sworn In
Never Say Die! Tour SO36 Nov 10 Never Say Die! Tour, Emmure, Deez Nuts and 5 more...
Kublai Khan SO36 Nov 10 Kublai Khan, Sworn In
Emmure SO36 Nov 10 Emmure, Sworn In
Chelsea Grin SO36 Nov 10 Chelsea Grin, Sworn In
No Turning Back SO36 Nov 12 No Turning Back
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter SO36 Nov 16 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Higher Power SO36 Nov 21 Higher Power
Every Time I Die SO36 Nov 21 Every Time I Die
Knocked Loose SO36 Nov 21 Knocked Loose
Comeback Kid SO36 Nov 21 Comeback Kid
Zola Jesus SO36 Nov 22 Zola Jesus
Beyond The Black SO36 Dec 15 Beyond The Black
Electric Six SO36 Feb 02, 2018 Electric Six
ELECTRIC SIX  – Tour 2018 SO36 Feb 02, 2018 ELECTRIC SIX – Tour 2018
Che Sudaka SO36 Feb 16, 2018 Che Sudaka