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Ethan Samuel Brown The 5 Spot Aug 17 Ethan Samuel Brown
Lions for Real The 5 Spot Aug 18 Lions for Real
Steven Dunn The 5 Spot Aug 19 Steven Dunn, sean michel
Derek W. Curtis The 5 Spot Aug 22 Derek W. Curtis
The Winter Sounds The 5 Spot Aug 23 The Winter Sounds, PINKY DOODLE POODLE, doctor jungle
Stephen Simmons The 5 Spot Aug 23 Stephen Simmons, Stephen Simmons, Ole Mossy Face
Brineaboy The 5 Spot Aug 23 Brineaboy, Doctor Jungle Cat, PINKY DOODLE POODLE and 2 more...
FREAKABOUT The 5 Spot Aug 26 FREAKABOUT, Stagolee
The Bad Signs The 5 Spot Aug 29 The Bad Signs
Skylar Gregg Music The 5 Spot Aug 30 Skylar Gregg Music, Hannah Thomas, Van Darien
Kaitlyn Raitz The 5 Spot Sep 05 Kaitlyn Raitz, Oliver The Crow
Native Harrow The 5 Spot Sep 05 Native Harrow
Dylan Earl The 5 Spot Sep 05 Dylan Earl
Oliver The Crow The 5 Spot Sep 05 Oliver The Crow, Chris Milam
Reuben Bidez The 5 Spot Sep 06 Reuben Bidez, Jeff Crosby
Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light The 5 Spot Sep 07 Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light, Will Payne Harrison, Ali Sperry
Sally & George The 5 Spot Sep 12 Sally & George
Tim Wheatley The 5 Spot Sep 16 Tim Wheatley
The Mammoths The 5 Spot Sep 19 The Mammoths
Nellen Dryden The 5 Spot Sep 19 Nellen Dryden
Roanoke The 5 Spot Sep 20 Roanoke, Leah Blevins
Fiona Silver The 5 Spot Sep 26 Fiona Silver
Benchmarks The 5 Spot Sep 27 Benchmarks, TV Mike & the Scarecrows
Georgia English The 5 Spot Sep 30 Georgia English, Cait And The Bad, Bill Eberle
Bill Eberle The 5 Spot Sep 30 Bill Eberle
The Minks The 5 Spot Oct 05 The Minks, twen, Dead Neighbors and 1 more...
The Sextones The 5 Spot Oct 08 The Sextones
The Speedbumps The 5 Spot Oct 17 The Speedbumps
Thor Platter Band The 5 Spot Oct 24 Thor Platter Band
Jackie Venson The 5 Spot Oct 25 Jackie Venson
Ryan Joseph Anderson The 5 Spot Nov 02 Ryan Joseph Anderson