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Date Lineup
Fat Box Tidball's Aug 25 Fat Box
Rose Hotel Tidball's Aug 31 Rose Hotel
Roots Of A Rebellion Tidball's Sep 09 Roots Of A Rebellion
Angry Planet Tidball's Sep 21 Angry Planet
Hogan's Goat Tidball's Sep 22 Hogan's Goat
Okey Dokey Tidball's Sep 29 Okey Dokey
Wet Eyed Liars Tidball's Sep 30 Wet Eyed Liars
Roshambeaux Tidball's Oct 06 Roshambeaux
Lost River Cavemen Tidball's Oct 14 Lost River Cavemen, 00 The Rabbit
Marbin Tidball's Oct 20 Marbin
Wet Eyed Liars Tidball's Oct 20 Wet Eyed Liars, Captain Ivory
Captain Ivory Tidball's Oct 20 Captain Ivory