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Slowkiss Beauty Bar Oct 22 Slowkiss
Vajra Beauty Bar Oct 22 Vajra
Rachel Lorin Music Beauty Bar Oct 25 Rachel Lorin Music
Consider the Source Beauty Bar Oct 26 Consider the Source
Fireball Ministry Beauty Bar Oct 27 Fireball Ministry
Red Fang Beauty Bar Oct 27 Red Fang, Red Fang, Fireball Ministry and 1 more...
Agent Orange Beauty Bar Oct 28 Agent Orange
The New Mastersounds Beauty Bar Oct 30 The New Mastersounds
Balance and Composure Beauty Bar Nov 01 Balance and Composure
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult Beauty Bar Nov 02 My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Allegaeon Beauty Bar Nov 03 Allegaeon
D.R.I. Beauty Bar Nov 08 D.R.I., D.R.I., Deathwish and 2 more...
Deathwish Beauty Bar Nov 08 Deathwish
Unfair Fight Beauty Bar Nov 08 Unfair Fight, D.R.I., Last Rites and 3 more...
Tombs Beauty Bar Nov 13 Tombs, Crowbar
Motograter Beauty Bar Nov 15 Motograter
Raven Black Beauty Bar Nov 15 Raven Black
Psychostick Beauty Bar Nov 15 Psychostick
Kissing Candice Beauty Bar Nov 15 Kissing Candice, Psychostick, Motograter and 2 more...
Arsonists Get All the Girls Beauty Bar Nov 15 Arsonists Get All the Girls
VRR Presents Beauty Bar Nov 16 VRR Presents
War Cloud Beauty Bar Nov 16 War Cloud, Greenbeard, Mountain Tamer and 1 more...
Exhumed Beauty Bar Nov 18 Exhumed
Casket Raider Beauty Bar Nov 18 Casket Raider, Arkaik, Exhumed
Guttermouth Beauty Bar Nov 19 Guttermouth
Koffin Kats Beauty Bar Nov 19 Koffin Kats
The Atom Age Beauty Bar Nov 19 The Atom Age
Cattle Decapitation Beauty Bar Nov 20 Cattle Decapitation
Barb Wire Dolls Beauty Bar Nov 22 Barb Wire Dolls, SVETLANAS, 57
DJ SupaJames Beauty Bar Nov 25 DJ SupaJames
Plaque Marks Beauty Bar Nov 29 Plaque Marks, Unsane, Plaque Marks
Official Darkest Hour Beauty Bar Dec 01 Official Darkest Hour
Warbringer Beauty Bar Dec 01 Warbringer, Official Darkest Hour, Exmortus and 1 more...
Treasure Fingers Beauty Bar Dec 05 Treasure Fingers
Gina and The Eastern Block Beauty Bar Dec 08 Gina and The Eastern Block, Gina and The Eastern Block, Bullets and Octane
Black Pussy Beauty Bar Dec 16 Black Pussy
Ha Ha Tonka Beauty Bar Feb 16, 2018 Ha Ha Tonka
Back Alley Pep Rally Beauty Bar Mar 07, 2018 Back Alley Pep Rally