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Carlin Tripp The Burren Aug 17 Carlin Tripp
Samantha Farrell The Burren Aug 18 Samantha Farrell, Samantha Farrell
The Lords of Liechtenstein The Burren Aug 20 The Lords of Liechtenstein, Kate Copeland, Folkapotamus
Brad Byrd The Burren Aug 24 Brad Byrd, Todd Thibaud, Brad Byrd
Carlin Tripp The Burren Aug 31 Carlin Tripp
Jonah Tolchin The Burren Sep 14 Jonah Tolchin
Grain Thief The Burren Sep 14 Grain Thief, With Danny Golden Band
The Kennedys The Burren Sep 29 The Kennedys, The Kennedys
Brent Shuttleworth The Burren Oct 07 Brent Shuttleworth
Louise Goffin The Burren Oct 19 Louise Goffin
The Ladles The Burren Oct 20 The Ladles
Lisa Bastoni The Burren Oct 26 Lisa Bastoni, Lisa Bastoni
Amanda Anne Platt and The Honeycutters The Burren Nov 16 Amanda Anne Platt and The Honeycutters