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Date Lineup
ADSR Collective TBA Aug 25 ADSR Collective
Garden City Disco TBA Aug 25 Garden City Disco
Free-will TBA Aug 25 Free-will
Hay Now Brown Cow TBA Aug 25 Hay Now Brown Cow
Pillager TBA Aug 25 Pillager
Venadito TBA Aug 25 Venadito
Wolf~Loup TBA Aug 25 Wolf~Loup
And More TBA Aug 25 And More
2DeepSoul TBA Aug 25 2DeepSoul
Alexandria Maillot TBA Aug 25 Alexandria Maillot
The Barkley Sounds TBA Aug 25 The Barkley Sounds
Elise Boulanger TBA Aug 25 Elise Boulanger
em.ash TBA Aug 25 em.ash
Knacker's Yard TBA Aug 25 Knacker's Yard
Layten Kramer TBA Aug 25 Layten Kramer
Nick Redway TBA Aug 25 Nick Redway
Pillager The Ryder Bachman Band TBA Aug 25 Pillager The Ryder Bachman Band
Shinobi TBA Aug 25 Shinobi
Sierra Jannise TBA Aug 25 Sierra Jannise
Sleep Walker TBA Aug 25 Sleep Walker
Steph Cameron TBA Aug 25 Steph Cameron
Taylor Jade TBA Aug 25 Taylor Jade
DJ Savi TBA Sep 01 DJ Savi
Courtesy TBA Sep 01 Courtesy
Flørist TBA Sep 01 Flørist
Hidden Valley Logging Co. TBA Sep 01 Hidden Valley Logging Co.
Jerkagram TBA Oct 13 Jerkagram
AppleCat TBA Oct 14 AppleCat
Kurupt Gotti DPG TBA Oct 15 Kurupt Gotti DPG, -Snoop Dogg
-Snoop Dogg TBA Oct 15 -Snoop Dogg
Christiaan van Wyk TBA Nov 11 Christiaan van Wyk
Manic Focus TBA Nov 18 Manic Focus