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Goitse Chollerhalle Sep 23 Goitse
SEAT Music Session 2017 Chollerhalle Oct 24 SEAT Music Session 2017
Eliane Muller Chollerhalle Oct 27 Eliane Muller
The Souls Chollerhalle Oct 28 The Souls
Eliane Muller Chollerhalle Oct 28 Eliane Muller
Dada (ante portas) Chollerhalle Oct 28 Dada (ante portas)
The Iron Maidens Chollerhalle Nov 03 The Iron Maidens
Maceo Parker Chollerhalle Nov 18 Maceo Parker
Nazareth Chollerhalle Nov 24 Nazareth
Marla Glen Chollerhalle Dec 09 Marla Glen
James Gruntz Chollerhalle Jan 19, 2018 James Gruntz
Kunz 'No Hunger' Chollerhalle Jan 27, 2018 Kunz 'No Hunger'
Marcus Bonfanti Chollerhalle Feb 22, 2018 Marcus Bonfanti