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Modern Mimes The Warrior Aug 24 Modern Mimes, Modern Mimes, Roughour
Roughour The Warrior Aug 24 Roughour, Roughour, Modern Mimes
Filthy Rebel The Warrior Aug 24 Filthy Rebel, Modern Mimes Roughour
Auditory Armory The Warrior Aug 25 Auditory Armory, Love The Hate, Despite The Irony
Whiskey Sharts The Warrior Aug 31 Whiskey Sharts
Lyfted Promotions The Warrior Sep 02 Lyfted Promotions, Caskey, Lil Wyte and 3 more...
Swingin Hammers The Warrior Sep 14 Swingin Hammers, Boo Radley, Allijah Motikah and 1 more...
Scarlet Canary The Warrior Oct 05 Scarlet Canary
Best 303 Sounds The Warrior Oct 05 Best 303 Sounds, Scarlet Canary