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The Mechanics Muffathalle Sep 17 The Mechanics
The Mechanics  Muffathalle Sep 17 The Mechanics 
Beth Ditto  Muffathalle Sep 27 Beth Ditto 
Orishas Muffathalle Oct 12 Orishas
Seven Muffathalle Nov 13 Seven
SEVEN  Muffathalle Nov 13 SEVEN 
Saga Muffathalle Nov 14 Saga
Selig Muffathalle Nov 23 Selig
Northern Lite Muffathalle Nov 25 Northern Lite
Gloria Muffathalle Nov 30 Gloria
Little Steven Muffathalle Dec 03 Little Steven
The Disciples of Soul Muffathalle Dec 03 The Disciples of Soul
Tingvall Trio Muffathalle Dec 12 Tingvall Trio
Kakkmaddafakka Muffathalle Jan 19, 2018 Kakkmaddafakka
LUKAS RIEGER  Muffathalle Mar 12, 2018 LUKAS RIEGER