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Plax Barracuda Aug 18 Plax
Krista Van Liew Barracuda Aug 18 Krista Van Liew
Coitus Barracuda Aug 18 Coitus
Quiet Company Barracuda Aug 19 Quiet Company, Darkbird, MCG and 2 more...
Buttercup Barracuda Aug 19 Buttercup
Criminal Birds Barracuda Aug 19 Criminal Birds
Sextile Barracuda Aug 23 Sextile
Tres Oui Barracuda Aug 23 Tres Oui
Total Abuse Barracuda Aug 23 Total Abuse
The Schisms Barracuda Aug 24 The Schisms
Obscured by Echoes Barracuda Aug 24 Obscured by Echoes
Mr. Lewis Barracuda Aug 24 Mr. Lewis
The Funeral 5 Barracuda Aug 24 The Funeral 5
Caleb de Casper Barracuda Aug 24 Caleb de Casper
Bubble Puppy Band Barracuda Aug 25 Bubble Puppy Band, Bubble Puppy, Moebius and 2 more...
Bubble Puppy Barracuda Aug 25 Bubble Puppy
Moebius Barracuda Aug 25 Moebius
Crypt Trip Barracuda Aug 25 Crypt Trip
Sun Machine Barracuda Aug 25 Sun Machine
Plini Barracuda Aug 26 Plini
True Widow Barracuda Aug 30 True Widow
Mind Spiders Barracuda Aug 30 Mind Spiders
DALLAS ACID and more Barracuda Aug 30 DALLAS ACID and more
Softcore Villain Barracuda Aug 30 Softcore Villain
Easy Cap Barracuda Aug 30 Easy Cap
Elijah Ford Barracuda Sep 01 Elijah Ford, Uncle Lucius, Greyhounds
Uncle Lucius Barracuda Sep 01 Uncle Lucius
portrayal of guilt Barracuda Sep 03 portrayal of guilt
Drab Majesty Barracuda Sep 09 Drab Majesty
Japanese Breakfast Barracuda Sep 15 Japanese Breakfast
Open Mike Eagle Barracuda Sep 17 Open Mike Eagle
Sun Seeker Barracuda Sep 18 Sun Seeker
Touche Amore Barracuda Sep 19 Touche Amore, Single Mothers, Gouge Away
Single Mothers Barracuda Sep 19 Single Mothers
Gouge Away Barracuda Sep 19 Gouge Away
Frankie Rose Barracuda Sep 20 Frankie Rose, Suburban Living
Suburban Living Barracuda Sep 20 Suburban Living, Frankie Rose
Red River Family Festival Barracuda Sep 22 Red River Family Festival
Trapped Under Ice Barracuda Sep 24 Trapped Under Ice
Gag Barracuda Sep 24 Gag
Firewalker Barracuda Sep 24 Firewalker
The Real Cost Barracuda Sep 24 The Real Cost
Razorbumps Barracuda Sep 24 Razorbumps
Hail The Sun Barracuda Sep 27 Hail The Sun
Pinegrove Barracuda Sep 29 Pinegrove
The Dig Barracuda Sep 30 The Dig
Kolars Barracuda Sep 30 Kolars, The Dig
Pears Barracuda Oct 02 Pears
Russian Girlfriends Barracuda Oct 02 Russian Girlfriends, Pears, Big Ups
Caroline Says Barracuda Oct 05 Caroline Says, VAGABON, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
Sales Barracuda Oct 07 Sales
GOST Barracuda Oct 14 GOST, Dance With the Dead
Avey Tare Barracuda Oct 17 Avey Tare
Red City Radio Barracuda Oct 19 Red City Radio
ProtoMartyr Barracuda Oct 20 ProtoMartyr
Turnover Barracuda Oct 21 Turnover
Screaming Females Barracuda Oct 24 Screaming Females
Moon Duo Barracuda Oct 27 Moon Duo
Bleached Barracuda Oct 28 Bleached
EMA Barracuda Nov 03 EMA
Noah Gundersen Barracuda Nov 04 Noah Gundersen
Phoebe Bridgers Barracuda Nov 05 Phoebe Bridgers
Jake La Botz Barracuda Nov 10 Jake La Botz, Low Cut Connie
The Rural Alberta Advantage Barracuda Nov 13 The Rural Alberta Advantage, Yukon Blonde
Hiss Golden Messenger Barracuda Nov 14 Hiss Golden Messenger
Beach Slang Barracuda Nov 20 Beach Slang, Dave Hause & The Mermaid, See Through Dresses
Dave Hause Barracuda Nov 20 Dave Hause, Beach Slang, See Through Dresses
See Through Dresses Barracuda Nov 20 See Through Dresses, Beach Slang
AJJ Barracuda Dec 02 AJJ