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Green Date Yardbirds Sep 02 Green Date
SKAM Yardbirds Sep 17 SKAM, SKAM, Voodoo Six
Who's Next - Europe's  #1 Tribute to The Who Yardbirds Sep 23 Who's Next - Europe's #1 Tribute to The Who
Electric Circus UK Yardbirds Oct 06 Electric Circus UK, Sleeze Demons
Sack Sabbath Yardbirds Oct 28 Sack Sabbath
Dakesis Yardbirds Nov 08 Dakesis
Bon Giovi Yardbirds Nov 11 Bon Giovi
CrowBlackChicken Yardbirds Nov 17 CrowBlackChicken
AC/DC UK Yardbirds Dec 08 AC/DC UK
Women In Rock UK Yardbirds Dec 09 Women In Rock UK
London Calling UK Yardbirds Mar 16, 2018 London Calling UK