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The Winetree The Burl Oct 18 The Winetree
Jory Bowling The Burl Oct 18 Jory Bowling
Maggie Lander The Burl Oct 18 Maggie Lander
Jason Sinkhorn The Burl Oct 18 Jason Sinkhorn
Colter Wall The Burl Oct 19 Colter Wall, Ian Noe, John Clay
John Clay The Burl Oct 19 John Clay
Ian Noe The Burl Oct 19 Ian Noe
Willie Watson The Burl Oct 20 Willie Watson, Suzanne Santo
Suzanne Santo The Burl Oct 20 Suzanne Santo
Suzanna Santo The Burl Oct 20 Suzanna Santo
Ratboys The Burl Oct 21 Ratboys
Dags The Burl Oct 21 Dags
Messes The Burl Oct 21 Messes
Steve Sizemore Group The Burl Oct 21 Steve Sizemore Group
Emarosa The Burl Oct 23 Emarosa, A Lot Like Birds, Jule Vera
A Lot Like Birds The Burl Oct 23 A Lot Like Birds
Jule Vera The Burl Oct 23 Jule Vera
Super Doppler The Burl Oct 24 Super Doppler
Sofia Stone The Burl Oct 24 Sofia Stone
Sound of Ceres The Burl Oct 25 Sound of Ceres
Big Fresh The Burl Oct 25 Big Fresh
Robert Beatty The Burl Oct 25 Robert Beatty
Plume Varia The Burl Oct 25 Plume Varia
Jockey Onassis The Burl Oct 26 Jockey Onassis, The Rough Customers, Them God Damn Bangs
Harvard Drive The Burl Oct 26 Harvard Drive
Fredd C The Burl Oct 26 Fredd C
Blood Handsome The Burl Oct 26 Blood Handsome
Palm The Burl Oct 27 Palm
Girlpool The Burl Oct 27 Girlpool, Girlpool, Palm and 1 more...
Lala Lala The Burl Oct 27 Lala Lala
Ethan Hunt The Burl Oct 29 Ethan Hunt
Austin Lucas The Burl Oct 29 Austin Lucas
Ryan Singer The Burl Oct 29 Ryan Singer
Lizzie No The Burl Oct 29 Lizzie No
YMSB The Burl Oct 31 YMSB
Angela Perley The Burl Nov 01 Angela Perley
The Howlin' Moons The Burl Nov 01 The Howlin' Moons
Magnolia Boulevard The Burl Nov 01 Magnolia Boulevard, Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons
Vintage Pistol The Burl Nov 01 Vintage Pistol
Reverend Hylton The Burl Nov 02 Reverend Hylton
No Fences The Burl Nov 02 No Fences
Zen Highway The Burl Nov 02 Zen Highway
Trippin Roots The Burl Nov 02 Trippin Roots
Italian Beaches The Burl Nov 04 Italian Beaches
Reckless Kelly The Burl Nov 05 Reckless Kelly
Grayson Jenkins and The Resolutions The Burl Nov 05 Grayson Jenkins and The Resolutions
Jericho Woods The Burl Nov 05 Jericho Woods
Grayson Jenkins The Burl Nov 05 Grayson Jenkins, Reckless Kelly, Jericho Woods
Flat Duo Jets The Burl Nov 08 Flat Duo Jets
Lera Lynn The Burl Nov 09 Lera Lynn
Mojothunder The Burl Nov 10 Mojothunder
The Past The Burl Nov 10 The Past
Otis The Burl Nov 10 Otis
Sour Cream Band The Burl Nov 10 Sour Cream Band
Joslyn and the Sweet Compression The Burl Nov 11 Joslyn and the Sweet Compression
Magnolia Boulevard The Burl Nov 11 Magnolia Boulevard
Driftwood Gypsy The Burl Nov 11 Driftwood Gypsy
Johnny Conqueroo The Burl Nov 16 Johnny Conqueroo
Curio Key Club The Burl Nov 16 Curio Key Club
Frontier Folk Nebraska The Burl Nov 16 Frontier Folk Nebraska
The Vegabonds The Burl Nov 17 The Vegabonds, C2 &The Brothers Reed
C2 and the Brothers Reed The Burl Nov 17 C2 and the Brothers Reed
Bryan Minks and the Kentucky Sons The Burl Nov 17 Bryan Minks and the Kentucky Sons
Dawg Yawp The Burl Nov 24 Dawg Yawp
Swarming Branch The Burl Nov 24 Swarming Branch
When Particles Collide The Burl Nov 25 When Particles Collide
Shooter Jennings The Burl Dec 16 Shooter Jennings, Jason Boland & The Stragglers
Julie Roberts The Burl Dec 16 Julie Roberts
John Moreland The Burl Jan 11, 2018 John Moreland