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Atomic Thrillride Mag Bar Aug 19 Atomic Thrillride, Juke Joint Revival, Dead Country Gentlemen
Paper Sweaters Mag Bar Aug 24 Paper Sweaters, Paper Sweaters, Will Woodrow Project
Stump Tail Dolly Mag Bar Aug 25 Stump Tail Dolly, Call Me Bronco
Sinners & Saints Mag Bar Aug 27 Sinners & Saints
Noah Tyson Mag Bar Aug 31 Noah Tyson
The Good Graces Mag Bar Aug 31 The Good Graces
Aaron James Mag Bar Sep 10 Aaron James
Benny Bassett Mag Bar Sep 17 Benny Bassett
Vinyl Square Mag Bar Sep 18 Vinyl Square
The Fumblebuckers Mag Bar Sep 21 The Fumblebuckers
Sinema Mag Bar Oct 12 Sinema
The Begowatts Mag Bar Oct 13 The Begowatts, The Begowatts, Lehnen and 1 more...
Nowhere Fast Mag Bar Oct 25 Nowhere Fast, The Apology Tour, Baggage and 2 more...
Kevin Ray Brost Mag Bar Nov 19 Kevin Ray Brost