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Date Lineup
The Crüxshadows Beatpol Sep 23 The Crüxshadows
Timber Timbre Beatpol Sep 24 Timber Timbre
Graveyard Beatpol Oct 03 Graveyard
Troubled Horse Beatpol Oct 03 Troubled Horse
Radio Moscow Beatpol Oct 21 Radio Moscow
KALEIDOBOLT Beatpol Oct 21 KALEIDOBOLT, Radio Moscow
Swans Beatpol Oct 24 Swans
Faber Beatpol Oct 27 Faber
Thorbjørn Risager Band Beatpol Oct 28 Thorbjørn Risager Band
Mark Lanegan Beatpol Nov 12 Mark Lanegan
Carrousel Beatpol Nov 14 Carrousel
The Dead South Beatpol Nov 21 The Dead South
Martin Kohlstedt Beatpol Nov 23 Martin Kohlstedt
Tenside Beatpol Nov 25 Tenside
Johnossi Beatpol Dec 08 Johnossi
The Prosecution Beatpol Dec 09 The Prosecution
Heisskalt Beatpol Dec 14 Heisskalt, Smile And Burn
Smile And Burn Beatpol Dec 14 Smile And Burn
Jon Gomm Beatpol Feb 10, 2018 Jon Gomm
Sarah Lesch Beatpol Mar 09, 2018 Sarah Lesch