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Holly Herndon Bozar Sep 26 Holly Herndon
Dylan Carlson Bozar Sep 29 Dylan Carlson, The Bug
Ben Frost Bozar Sep 29 Ben Frost
Jóhann Jóhannsson Bozar Sep 30 Jóhann Jóhannsson
We Stood Like Kings Bozar Oct 04 We Stood Like Kings
Tango Temptations Bozar Oct 05 Tango Temptations
Bram De Looze - Robin Verheyen Bozar Oct 06 Bram De Looze - Robin Verheyen
Le Lac des Cygnes Bozar Nov 27 Le Lac des Cygnes
Aubergine Artist Management Bozar Dec 03 Aubergine Artist Management, Aka Moon
Aka Moon Bozar Dec 03 Aka Moon, Aka Moon
Abba In Symphony Bozar Dec 06 Abba In Symphony
Ein Abend in Wien Bozar Jan 12, 2018 Ein Abend in Wien