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Eric Gales Mr Kyps Oct 29 Eric Gales
Elles Bailey Mr Kyps Oct 29 Elles Bailey, Elles Bailey, Eric Gales
Jalen N'Gonda Mr Kyps Nov 02 Jalen N'Gonda
Stone Foundation Mr Kyps Nov 02 Stone Foundation
Red Hot Chilli Pipers Mr Kyps Nov 04 Red Hot Chilli Pipers
27 Days Mr Kyps Nov 11 27 Days, Si Genaro, Matt Black
Gastric Band Mr Kyps Nov 18 Gastric Band
Sinnerboy Mr Kyps Nov 19 Sinnerboy
Laurence Jones Mr Kyps Nov 24 Laurence Jones
Mad Dog Mcrea Mr Kyps Nov 25 Mad Dog Mcrea
JW Jones Mr Kyps Nov 26 JW Jones
The Mouse Outfit Mr Kyps Nov 30 The Mouse Outfit
Eugene Hideaway Bridges Mr Kyps Dec 01 Eugene Hideaway Bridges
Bad Manners Mr Kyps Dec 01 Bad Manners
U2Baby Mr Kyps Dec 02 U2Baby
U2 Baby Mr Kyps Dec 02 U2 Baby
Rollin Stoned Mr Kyps Dec 08 Rollin Stoned
The Rollin Stoned Mr Kyps Dec 08 The Rollin Stoned, The Rollin Stoned
Brother Strut Mr Kyps Dec 09 Brother Strut
Ratrace Mr Kyps Dec 15 Ratrace
Coldplace Mr Kyps Dec 16 Coldplace
Abba Fever Mr Kyps Dec 22 Abba Fever
Abba Fever Mr Kyps Dec 23 Abba Fever
Great Pretender Double Ticket Mr Kyps Dec 23 Great Pretender Double Ticket
Great Pretender Mr Kyps Dec 23 Great Pretender
Dirty DC Mr Kyps Dec 27 Dirty DC
Ace Of Spaces Mr Kyps Jan 12, 2018 Ace Of Spaces
The Volatile Agents Mr Kyps Jan 20, 2018 The Volatile Agents
Bon Giovi Mr Kyps Jan 27, 2018 Bon Giovi
The Wedding Present Mr Kyps Feb 01, 2018 The Wedding Present
Stipe: REM Tribute Band Mr Kyps Feb 24, 2018 Stipe: REM Tribute Band, Stipe