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"Titans of Soul" Groove Aug 22 "Titans of Soul"
Olivia Castriota Groove Aug 26 Olivia Castriota, Olivia Castriota
"From Paris Groove Sep 04 "From Paris
Love" Groove Sep 04 Love"
Tango Celebrating Piaf Groove Sep 05 Tango Celebrating Piaf
"Bamboleo" Gypsy Jazz Groove Sep 11 "Bamboleo" Gypsy Jazz
Flamenco Gypsy Kings Groove Sep 11 Flamenco Gypsy Kings
"The Best of French Chansons" Groove Sep 12 "The Best of French Chansons"
"Life is a Cabaret" Groove Sep 18 "Life is a Cabaret"
"From Italy Groove Sep 19 "From Italy
Love" Groove Sep 19 Love"