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American Head Charge Viper Room Sep 07 American Head Charge, Once Human, IN DEATH
IN DEATH Viper Room Sep 07 IN DEATH
Toxik Viper Room Sep 13 Toxik
Counterweight Official Viper Room Sep 16 Counterweight Official, We Blame The Empire, Call The Mothership and 3 more...
APIS (AT) Viper Room Sep 18 APIS (AT)
Morange Viper Room Sep 22 Morange, Florian Halm, Lorenz Halm and 1 more...
Avatarium Viper Room Sep 29 Avatarium
Serious Black_official Viper Room Oct 01 Serious Black_official, Serious Black, Herman Frank, Stormhammer
Black Anvil Viper Room Oct 03 Black Anvil
Saille Viper Room Oct 04 Saille
The Agonist Viper Room Oct 05 The Agonist, The Birthday Massacre, Sirenia
Sirenia Viper Room Oct 05 Sirenia
The New Roses Viper Room Oct 25 The New Roses, Midriff
Psycroptic Viper Room Oct 26 Psycroptic, Dying Fetus, Beyond Creation and 1 more...
Disentomb Viper Room Oct 26 Disentomb, Dying Fetus, Psycroptic and 1 more...
Dying Fetus Viper Room Oct 26 Dying Fetus
Beyond Creation Viper Room Oct 26 Beyond Creation, Psycroptic
Midriff Viper Room Oct 26 Midriff, The New Roses
Grand Magus Viper Room Oct 30 Grand Magus
Hanzel und Gretyl (Official) Viper Room Nov 09 Hanzel und Gretyl (Official)
Haunted Viper Room Nov 10 Haunted, Monolithe, Hour of 13 and 8 more...
Black Capricorn Viper Room Nov 10 Black Capricorn, Pilgrim, Arkham Witch and 3 more...
Leng Tch'e Viper Room Nov 23 Leng Tch'e
Debauchery Viper Room Nov 24 Debauchery
Lost in Grey Viper Room Dec 06 Lost in Grey, Kalmah, Nothgard and 1 more...