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Hot Lunch Slim's Aug 19 Hot Lunch
Divine Council Slim's Aug 19 Divine Council
Jidenna Slim's Aug 23 Jidenna
Mannywellz Slim's Aug 23 Mannywellz
The Rocket Summer Slim's Aug 24 The Rocket Summer, 888
888 Slim's Aug 24 888, The Rocket Summer
Pardoner Slim's Aug 25 Pardoner
Cruella Slim's Aug 26 Cruella, Cruella, Cruella and 1 more...
Volt Slim's Aug 26 Volt
Palaye Royale Slim's Aug 31 Palaye Royale, Sleeping With Sirens
Chase Atlantic Slim's Aug 31 Chase Atlantic, Sleeping With Sirens
The White Noise Slim's Aug 31 The White Noise, Sleeping With Sirens, Palaye Royal and 1 more...
Grieves Slim's Sep 01 Grieves
Ivan Nikolai Slim's Sep 03 Ivan Nikolai
XYLØ Slim's Sep 07 XYLØ
Cool Water Canyon Slim's Sep 09 Cool Water Canyon
Stiff Little Fingers Slim's Sep 10 Stiff Little Fingers
Cool Water Canyon Slim's Sep 10 Cool Water Canyon
Haken Slim's Sep 13 Haken
The Living End Slim's Sep 15 The Living End
The Darts - US Slim's Sep 15 The Darts - US, The Living End
Byzantine Slim's Sep 16 Byzantine, Sacred Reich, Byzantine and 1 more...
Sacred Reich Slim's Sep 16 Sacred Reich
YIDHRa Slim's Sep 16 YIDHRa
Ruth B Slim's Sep 19 Ruth B, Davie
Davie Music Slim's Sep 19 Davie Music
L7 Slim's Sep 27 L7
L7 Slim's Sep 28 L7
Hot Water Music Slim's Sep 29 Hot Water Music, Dead to Me, Racquet Club
Dead to Me Slim's Sep 29 Dead to Me
Racquet Club Slim's Sep 29 Racquet Club
La Luz Slim's Sep 30 La Luz
Dark Tranquillity Slim's Oct 01 Dark Tranquillity, Warbringer, Striker
Warbringer Slim's Oct 01 Warbringer
Lukas Nelson Slim's Oct 08 Lukas Nelson
The Promise of The Real Slim's Oct 08 The Promise of The Real
Lords of Acid Slim's Oct 10 Lords of Acid, Combichrist, Christian Death and 2 more...
En Esch Slim's Oct 10 En Esch
Wiccid Slim's Oct 10 Wiccid
Christian Death Slim's Oct 10 Christian Death, Lords of Acid
Pinegrove Slim's Oct 11 Pinegrove
Torres Slim's Oct 13 Torres
Pianos Become the Teeth Slim's Oct 14 Pianos Become the Teeth
mewithoutYou Slim's Oct 14 mewithoutYou, Pianos Become the Teeth, Strawberry Girls
Paul Kelly Slim's Oct 20 Paul Kelly
Poppy Slim's Oct 26 Poppy
That Poppy Slim's Oct 26 That Poppy
The Texas Gentlemen Slim's Oct 28 The Texas Gentlemen, Paul Cauthen
Yelawolf Slim's Oct 29 Yelawolf
Frankie Ballard Slim's Nov 03 Frankie Ballard
Fu Manchu Slim's Nov 07 Fu Manchu
Timeflies Slim's Nov 10 Timeflies
Jerry Douglas Slim's Nov 11 Jerry Douglas, the Jerry Douglas Band
Hayes Carll Slim's Nov 12 Hayes Carll, The Band of Heathens
the Jerry Douglas Band Slim's Nov 12 the Jerry Douglas Band
Propagandhi Slim's Nov 13 Propagandhi
Sorority Noise Slim's Nov 17 Sorority Noise, Citizen, Great Grandpa
Citizen Slim's Nov 17 Citizen, Sorority Noise, Great Grandpa
The Frights Slim's Dec 01 The Frights
Queri Candycorn Slim's Dec 29 Queri Candycorn
Grace VanderWaal Slim's Feb 20, 2018 Grace VanderWaal
Vaud and the Villains Slim's Mar 18, 2018 Vaud and the Villains