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Chris Milam The 5 Spot Sep 05 Chris Milam
Jeff Crosby The 5 Spot Sep 06 Jeff Crosby
Ross Livermore Band The 5 Spot Sep 06 Ross Livermore Band
Will Payne Harrison The 5 Spot Sep 07 Will Payne Harrison
Michaela Anne The 5 Spot Sep 12 Michaela Anne
Jason Martin The 5 Spot Sep 21 Jason Martin
Classik Levine The 5 Spot Sep 24 Classik Levine
The Begowatts The 5 Spot Oct 12 The Begowatts, The Begowatts, wooly mamas and 1 more...
Suzy Jones The 5 Spot Oct 25 Suzy Jones, Jess Nolan, Jackie Venson