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Los Straitjackets Casbah Sep 08 Los Straitjackets, Marshall Crenshaw
James Supercave Casbah Sep 14 James Supercave, James Supercave, The Seshen
This Will Destroy You Casbah Sep 19 This Will Destroy You
Zola Jesus Casbah Sep 21 Zola Jesus
Moon Honey Casbah Sep 25 Moon Honey
Emo Nite Casbah Sep 26 Emo Nite
Black Kids Casbah Sep 29 Black Kids
Torres Casbah Oct 17 Torres
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Casbah Oct 22 Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
Fansintown Casbah Oct 27 Fansintown
Yelle Casbah Nov 07 Yelle
Gavin Turek Casbah Nov 14 Gavin Turek
Boris Casbah Nov 17 Boris, Torche, Endon
Torche Casbah Nov 17 Torche
Endon Casbah Nov 17 Endon
Tim Barry Casbah Dec 07 Tim Barry