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Katchafire WOW Hall May 04 Katchafire
Mystic Roots WOW Hall May 04 Mystic Roots, Katchafire
Berner WOW Hall May 05 Berner
Kool John WOW Hall May 05 Kool John
Anonymous That Dude WOW Hall May 05 Anonymous That Dude
Willamette Valley Old Time Social WOW Hall May 06 Willamette Valley Old Time Social
Aaron Carter WOW Hall May 08 Aaron Carter
Elliott Yamin WOW Hall May 10 Elliott Yamin, Blake Lewis
Blake Lewis WOW Hall May 10 Blake Lewis, Elliott Yamin
Andre Nickatina WOW Hall May 12 Andre Nickatina
Louis Futon WOW Hall May 13 Louis Futon
Jack & Kitty WOW Hall May 14 Jack & Kitty
James McCartney WOW Hall May 17 James McCartney
Joshpan WOW Hall May 20 Joshpan
Great Dane WOW Hall May 20 Great Dane, Josh Pan , Great Dane and 1 more...
Josh Pan  WOW Hall May 20 Josh Pan
Um... WOW Hall May 20 Um...
Um.. WOW Hall May 20 Um..
Led Zepagain WOW Hall May 27 Led Zepagain
MarchFourth Marching Band WOW Hall Jun 03 MarchFourth Marching Band
Marchfourth WOW Hall Jun 03 Marchfourth
Blackalicious WOW Hall Jun 05 Blackalicious
Jherek Bischoff WOW Hall Jun 08 Jherek Bischoff
Mirah WOW Hall Jun 08 Mirah
Voivod WOW Hall Jun 09 Voivod
Child Bite WOW Hall Jun 09 Child Bite
The White Buffalo WOW Hall Jun 11 The White Buffalo
Leo Bud Welch WOW Hall Jun 30 Leo Bud Welch
Leo "Bud" Welch WOW Hall Jun 30 Leo "Bud" Welch
Carl Verheyen WOW Hall Sep 12 Carl Verheyen
Terry Bozzio WOW Hall Oct 20 Terry Bozzio