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Date Lineup
La Inédita Wow Hall May 26 La Inédita
The Shifts Wow Hall May 27 The Shifts
Sprout City Battle of the Bands Wow Hall May 27 Sprout City Battle of the Bands
Frameworks Wow Hall May 31 Frameworks
Tor Wow Hall May 31 Tor
Lapa Wow Hall May 31 Lapa
Brokeback Wow Hall Jun 08 Brokeback
Mellow Mood Wow Hall Jun 09 Mellow Mood
Ten Miles Wide Wow Hall Jun 15 Ten Miles Wide
Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque Wow Hall Jun 16 Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque, Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque
SuicideGirls Wow Hall Jun 16 SuicideGirls
Jason Webley Wow Hall Jun 17 Jason Webley
Moonalice Wow Hall Jun 18 Moonalice
La Luz Wow Hall Jul 04 La Luz
Sávila Wow Hall Jul 04 Sávila
Matisyahu Wow Hall Jul 11 Matisyahu
Ayla Nereo Wow Hall Jul 21 Ayla Nereo
Axes Wow Hall Jul 22 Axes
Trevor Hall Wow Hall Jul 28 Trevor Hall
Ethan Tucker Wow Hall Jul 28 Ethan Tucker, Trevor Hall
Led Zepagain Wow Hall Jul 30 Led Zepagain
Jonathan Richman Wow Hall Aug 01 Jonathan Richman
This Patch of Sky Wow Hall Aug 05 This Patch of Sky
Songhoy Blues Wow Hall Oct 24 Songhoy Blues