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Date Lineup
Zion I Crew WOW Hall Jul 27 Zion I Crew, Zion I Crew
Trevor Hall WOW Hall Jul 28 Trevor Hall
Ethan Tucker WOW Hall Jul 28 Ethan Tucker, Trevor Hall
Led Zepagain WOW Hall Jul 30 Led Zepagain
Jonathan Richman WOW Hall Aug 01 Jonathan Richman
Junior Kelly WOW Hall Aug 09 Junior Kelly, JUNIOR KELLY
One Be Lo WOW Hall Aug 19 One Be Lo
Landon Wordswell WOW Hall Aug 19 Landon Wordswell
Mostafa WOW Hall Aug 19 Mostafa
El Twanguero WOW Hall Aug 27 El Twanguero
Freestyle Fellowship WOW Hall Aug 29 Freestyle Fellowship
The Slants WOW Hall Sep 02 The Slants
Days n Daze WOW Hall Sep 06 Days n Daze
Ground Score WOW Hall Sep 06 Ground Score
Juicy Karkass WOW Hall Sep 06 Juicy Karkass
SZA WOW Hall Sep 13 SZA
Ravyn Lenae WOW Hall Sep 13 Ravyn Lenae
PUP WOW Hall Sep 16 PUP
Black Hare WOW Hall Sep 23 Black Hare
vial...experiment WOW Hall Sep 23 vial...experiment
Black Bell WOW Hall Sep 23 Black Bell
Dead Kingmaker WOW Hall Sep 23 Dead Kingmaker
Whethan WOW Hall Sep 26 Whethan
Bearson WOW Hall Sep 26 Bearson
Opia WOW Hall Sep 26 Opia
Boris WOW Hall Oct 06 Boris, Endon, Sumac
Endon WOW Hall Oct 06 Endon
Sumac WOW Hall Oct 06 Sumac
Sarah Jarosz WOW Hall Oct 07 Sarah Jarosz, Roy Williams
Roy Williams WOW Hall Oct 07 Roy Williams
Songhoy Blues WOW Hall Oct 24 Songhoy Blues
Whiskey Shivers WOW Hall Oct 27 Whiskey Shivers, Billy Strings, Trout Steak Revival
Billy Strings WOW Hall Oct 27 Billy Strings, Whiskey Shivers, Trout Steak Revival
Defunk WOW Hall Nov 03 Defunk