WOW Hall
Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

46 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Andre Nickatina WOW Hall Mar 26 Andre Nickatina
Anonymous That Dude WOW Hall Mar 26 Anonymous That Dude
Black Hare WOW Hall Mar 27 Black Hare
Dead Kingmaker WOW Hall Mar 27 Dead Kingmaker
Black Bell WOW Hall Mar 27 Black Bell
Kitty Daisy & Lewis WOW Hall Mar 28 Kitty Daisy & Lewis
Gemma Ray WOW Hall Mar 28 Gemma Ray, Kitty Daisy & Lewis
Kitty WOW Hall Mar 28 Kitty
Daisy & Lewis WOW Hall Mar 28 Daisy & Lewis
Major Without a Major 2015 Spring Tour WOW Hall Mar 29 Major Without a Major 2015 Spring Tour
Mark Battles & Derek Luh WOW Hall Mar 29 Mark Battles & Derek Luh
Lil Dicky WOW Hall Apr 03 Lil Dicky
Bachaco WOW Hall Apr 12 Bachaco
Jahdan Blakkamoore WOW Hall Apr 12 Jahdan Blakkamoore
Moving Units WOW Hall Apr 17 Moving Units
Cats Under the Stars WOW Hall Apr 18 Cats Under the Stars
Gumbo Groove WOW Hall Apr 18 Gumbo Groove
Etoufee Duo WOW Hall Apr 18 Etoufee Duo
Doug Benson WOW Hall Apr 21 Doug Benson
Reptar WOW Hall Apr 23 Reptar
Jeff Austin WOW Hall Apr 29 Jeff Austin
Jeff Austin Band WOW Hall Apr 29 Jeff Austin Band
Prince Rama WOW Hall May 05 Prince Rama
Dan Deacon WOW Hall May 05 Dan Deacon
Ben O'Brien WOW Hall May 05 Ben O'Brien
Unknown Mortal Orchestra WOW Hall May 07 Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Nurses
Wilderness (Official) WOW Hall May 08 Wilderness (Official), Hillstomp
Hillstomp WOW Hall May 08 Hillstomp
Kissing Candice WOW Hall May 10 Kissing Candice, Twiztid, Kung Fu Vampire and 1 more...
Davey Suicide WOW Hall May 10 Davey Suicide, Twiztid, Kung Fu Vampire
Kung Fu Vampire WOW Hall May 10 Kung Fu Vampire
Twiztid the Darkness Tour WOW Hall May 10 Twiztid the Darkness Tour
and Tragedy503 WOW Hall May 10 and Tragedy503
Twiztid WOW Hall May 10 Twiztid
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion WOW Hall May 11 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, We Are Hex
Patchy Sanders WOW Hall May 21 Patchy Sanders, Lindsay Lou and Flatbellys
Glass Animals WOW Hall May 22 Glass Animals
Gilligan Moss WOW Hall May 22 Gilligan Moss
Nikki Lane WOW Hall May 26 Nikki Lane, Jenny Lewis
Jenny Lewis WOW Hall May 26 Jenny Lewis
Meg Myers WOW Hall Jun 03 Meg Myers
Wild Party (official) WOW Hall Jun 03 Wild Party (official)
Tom Segura WOW Hall Aug 06 Tom Segura
The Dollyrots WOW Hall Sep 16 The Dollyrots, Bowling for Soup
Ivory Tribes WOW Hall Sep 16 Ivory Tribes, Ivory Tribes
Bowling for Soup WOW Hall Sep 16 Bowling for Soup