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The Murphy's Inec Sep 28 The Murphy's
Shaun O'Dowd Inec Sep 29 Shaun O'Dowd
The Murphy's Inec Sep 30 The Murphy's
Mundy Inec Oct 06 Mundy
The Conquerors Inec Oct 13 The Conquerors
Supersuckers Inec Oct 14 Supersuckers
Rolling Back the Years Inec Oct 14 Rolling Back the Years
John Spillane Inec Oct 20 John Spillane
Christy Moore Inec Oct 27 Christy Moore
Craig Gallagher Inec Oct 27 Craig Gallagher
Flog The Dog Inec Oct 27 Flog The Dog
Sample Answer Inec Oct 29 Sample Answer
Daithí Inec Oct 29 Daithí
Wolfe Tones Inec Oct 29 Wolfe Tones
One Sweet Hour Inec Nov 08 One Sweet Hour
Picture This Inec Nov 10 Picture This
Hudson Taylor Inec Nov 10 Hudson Taylor
Flog The Dog Inec Nov 10 Flog The Dog
Picture This Inec Nov 11 Picture This
Hudson Taylor Inec Nov 11 Hudson Taylor
Lisa McHugh Inec Nov 24 Lisa McHugh
Flog The Dog Inec Nov 24 Flog The Dog
Flog The Dog Inec Dec 02 Flog The Dog
Hermitage Green Inec Dec 15 Hermitage Green
Jenny Greene Inec Dec 15 Jenny Greene
Jenny Greene Inec Dec 16 Jenny Greene
Mick Flannery Inec Dec 27 Mick Flannery
Jeremy Spencer Inec Dec 30 Jeremy Spencer
nathan carter Inec Dec 31 nathan carter
The Three Amigos Inec Jan 07, 2018 The Three Amigos
Bagatelle Inec Jan 13, 2018 Bagatelle
Reeling In the Showband Years Inec Jan 19, 2018 Reeling In the Showband Years
Derek Ryan Inec Jan 28, 2018 Derek Ryan
Isla Grant Inec Feb 02, 2018 Isla Grant
The Fureys Inec Feb 03, 2018 The Fureys
Sandy Kelly Inec Feb 09, 2018 Sandy Kelly
The Joe Dolan Show Inec Feb 09, 2018 The Joe Dolan Show
Mike Denver Inec Mar 03, 2018 Mike Denver
Johnny McEvoy Inec Mar 10, 2018 Johnny McEvoy
Ben Portsmouth Inec Apr 09, 2018 Ben Portsmouth
The Kilfenora Céilí Band Inec Apr 15, 2018 The Kilfenora Céilí Band
THE  STORY Inec May 14, 2018 THE STORY