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Date Lineup
The Shakers Troubadour Aug 19 The Shakers
The Mosaics Troubadour Aug 19 The Mosaics
Alice Underground Troubadour Aug 19 Alice Underground
ASCAP presents Troubadour Aug 23 ASCAP presents
Nathi Troubadour Aug 26 Nathi
Haley Johnsen Troubadour Aug 27 Haley Johnsen
Gabriel Wolfchild & the Northern Light Troubadour Aug 27 Gabriel Wolfchild & the Northern Light
David Cook Troubadour Aug 29 David Cook
Kathryn Dean Troubadour Aug 29 Kathryn Dean
The Fontaines Troubadour Aug 31 The Fontaines
Perta Troubadour Aug 31 Perta
VINCINT Troubadour Aug 31 VINCINT
Grieves Troubadour Sep 02 Grieves
Musab Troubadour Sep 02 Musab
Dem Atlas  Troubadour Sep 02 Dem Atlas
Mink Troubadour Sep 02 Mink
Dermot Kennedy Troubadour Sep 06 Dermot Kennedy
Verite Troubadour Sep 07 Verite
Tops Troubadour Sep 08 Tops
She-Devils Troubadour Sep 08 She-Devils
Glades Troubadour Sep 13 Glades
Glades Troubadour Sep 14 Glades
Andrew Belle Troubadour Sep 22 Andrew Belle
Praytell Troubadour Sep 22 Praytell
Wand Troubadour Sep 23 Wand
Darto Troubadour Sep 23 Darto
Gun Outfit Troubadour Sep 23 Gun Outfit
Toadies Troubadour Sep 24 Toadies
Local H Troubadour Sep 24 Local H
The Toadies Troubadour Sep 24 The Toadies
Judith Hill Troubadour Sep 25 Judith Hill
Syncopated Ladies Troubadour Sep 25 Syncopated Ladies
Midland Troubadour Sep 27 Midland
Desure Troubadour Sep 27 Desure
Public Service Broadcasting Troubadour Sep 28 Public Service Broadcasting
Psychic Love Troubadour Sep 30 Psychic Love
The Early November Troubadour Oct 04 The Early November
The Movielife Troubadour Oct 04 The Movielife
Racquet Club Troubadour Oct 04 Racquet Club
Cory Henry Troubadour Oct 05 Cory Henry
The Funk Apostles Troubadour Oct 05 The Funk Apostles
Billy Bragg Troubadour Oct 10 Billy Bragg
Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams Troubadour Oct 12 Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
Teresa Williams Troubadour Oct 12 Teresa Williams
Jenny Owen Youngs Troubadour Oct 13 Jenny Owen Youngs
Fletcher Troubadour Oct 14 Fletcher
Christian Scott Troubadour Oct 15 Christian Scott
Chris Hillman Troubadour Oct 16 Chris Hillman
Herb Pedersen Troubadour Oct 16 Herb Pedersen
John Jorgenson Troubadour Oct 16 John Jorgenson
Brother Roy Troubadour Oct 17 Brother Roy
Welles Troubadour Oct 19 Welles
Moose Blood Troubadour Oct 20 Moose Blood
Lowlives Troubadour Oct 20 Lowlives
Flamingosis Troubadour Oct 21 Flamingosis
Lucy Rose Troubadour Oct 22 Lucy Rose
Phone Call Troubadour Oct 24 Phone Call
Hey!DW Troubadour Oct 24 Hey!DW
Elvis Depressedly Troubadour Oct 25 Elvis Depressedly
Elvis Depressedly Troubadour Oct 26 Elvis Depressedly
Jade Bird Troubadour Nov 07 Jade Bird
Hiss Golden Messenger Troubadour Nov 08 Hiss Golden Messenger
Hand Grenades Troubadour Nov 11 Hand Grenades
Dusty Green Bones Band Troubadour Nov 11 Dusty Green Bones Band
the Jerry Douglas Band Troubadour Nov 13 the Jerry Douglas Band
Yukon Blonde Troubadour Nov 17 Yukon Blonde
The Slackers Troubadour Dec 13 The Slackers
The Slackers Troubadour Dec 14 The Slackers
The California Honeydrops Troubadour Dec 21 The California Honeydrops