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Date Lineup
Kid Bunkhouse Aug 24 Kid
You're No Fighter Bunkhouse Aug 24 You're No Fighter
Dogyear Bunkhouse Aug 24 Dogyear
Bad Girl's Smoking Lounge Bunkhouse Aug 24 Bad Girl's Smoking Lounge
Glass Pools Bunkhouse Aug 25 Glass Pools
We Are Pancakes Bunkhouse Aug 25 We Are Pancakes
Indigo Kidd Bunkhouse Aug 25 Indigo Kidd
Avalon Landing Bunkhouse Aug 26 Avalon Landing
Hidden Levels Bunkhouse Aug 26 Hidden Levels
Legion Bunkhouse Aug 26 Legion
Dale Gilbert Bunkhouse Aug 28 Dale Gilbert
Hanni El Khatib Bunkhouse Aug 31 Hanni El Khatib
clean spill Bunkhouse Aug 31 clean spill
Avalon Landing Bunkhouse Sep 01 Avalon Landing
Hidden Levels Bunkhouse Sep 01 Hidden Levels
Thelma and the Sleaze Bunkhouse Sep 02 Thelma and the Sleaze
Radio Moscow Bunkhouse Sep 03 Radio Moscow
Deap Vally Bunkhouse Sep 04 Deap Vally, Minus the Bear
Shayna Rain Bunkhouse Sep 08 Shayna Rain
Kaylie Foster Bunkhouse Sep 08 Kaylie Foster
Jesse Pino Bunkhouse Sep 08 Jesse Pino
Kat Kalling Bunkhouse Sep 08 Kat Kalling
We Are Pancakes Bunkhouse Sep 10 We Are Pancakes
Dale Gilbert Bunkhouse Sep 11 Dale Gilbert
BRONCHO Bunkhouse Sep 12 BRONCHO
Billy Changer Bunkhouse Sep 12 Billy Changer
Tall Juan Bunkhouse Sep 16 Tall Juan
Dale Gilbert Bunkhouse Sep 18 Dale Gilbert
Wand Bunkhouse Sep 25 Wand
Darto Bunkhouse Sep 25 Darto
Dale Gilbert Bunkhouse Sep 25 Dale Gilbert
The Acid Sisters Bunkhouse Sep 25 The Acid Sisters
Allan Rayman Bunkhouse Sep 30 Allan Rayman
Ty Segall Bunkhouse Oct 10 Ty Segall
Tera Melos Bunkhouse Oct 12 Tera Melos
68 Bunkhouse Oct 18 68
Guided by Voices Bunkhouse Oct 27 Guided by Voices
Halloween Town Bunkhouse Oct 27 Halloween Town
Blair and Chani Bunkhouse Oct 27 Blair and Chani
Shy Boys Bunkhouse Nov 03 Shy Boys
Calabrese Bunkhouse Nov 17 Calabrese
Ducktails Bunkhouse Dec 10 Ducktails
Madalyn Merkey Bunkhouse Dec 10 Madalyn Merkey