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3Eighty3 Acadia Sep 30 3Eighty3, 3Eighty3, Gun Hill
Prophets Of Addiction Acadia Oct 05 Prophets Of Addiction
Straight On Till Morning  Acadia Nov 03 Straight On Till Morning , This Day Forth, Angel Siren and 1 more...
DangerousToys Rock Acadia Nov 18 DangerousToys Rock, Dangerous Toys
Dangerous Toys Texas Acadia Nov 18 Dangerous Toys Texas, Dangerous Toys
Allegaeon Acadia Nov 30 Allegaeon
Broken Valor Acadia Dec 09 Broken Valor
Ragland Acadia Jan 11, 2018 Ragland
Dangerous Toys Acadia Nov 18, 2018 Dangerous Toys, Dangerous Toys