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Bugfast OldCapitol Sep 29 Bugfast
Mac Dähler and the Bacon OldCapitol Oct 06 Mac Dähler and the Bacon
The Souls OldCapitol Oct 07 The Souls, The Souls
The Cavers OldCapitol Oct 07 The Cavers
Noisy Night at OC OldCapitol Oct 14 Noisy Night at OC
Lionaire OldCapitol Oct 20 Lionaire
Leonid Rose OldCapitol Oct 20 Leonid Rose
DJ G3ENIUS OldCapitol Oct 20 DJ G3ENIUS
Lombego Surfers OldCapitol Oct 27 Lombego Surfers
Death by Chocolate OldCapitol Oct 28 Death by Chocolate
Bright November OldCapitol Oct 28 Bright November
Gus MacGregor OldCapitol Nov 02 Gus MacGregor
Jael OldCapitol Nov 02 Jael
Tortilla Flat Plattentaufe OldCapitol Nov 04 Tortilla Flat Plattentaufe
Fueled By Grace OldCapitol Dec 08 Fueled By Grace
Ritschi OldCapitol Jan 20, 2018 Ritschi