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Elephant Tree The Dev Nov 19 Elephant Tree, Old Man Lizard, Elephant Tree and 1 more...
Allfather The Dev Nov 24 Allfather, Armed for Apocalypse, Conjurer
Conjurer The Dev Nov 24 Conjurer, Armed for Apocalypse, Allfather
Armed for Apocalypse The Dev Nov 24 Armed for Apocalypse
Terra The Dev Nov 25 Terra, Terra, Mountains Crave and 1 more...
Official Imperium The Dev Dec 01 Official Imperium, Outright Resistance, Bearfist and 1 more...
Disposable The Dev Dec 09 Disposable, Sodomized Cadaver, Damim and 2 more...
Seven Sisters The Dev Dec 15 Seven Sisters, Seven Sisters, Rabid Bitch Of The North
Asomvel The Dev Dec 16 Asomvel, Stiletto Farm, Logoz
Stiletto Farm The Dev Dec 16 Stiletto Farm
Logoz The Dev Dec 16 Logoz