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Date Lineup
Typesetter Township Nov 22 Typesetter
Visceral Silver Township Nov 22 Visceral Silver
Sam Porter Township Nov 22 Sam Porter
Jason Douglas Sweringen Township Nov 22 Jason Douglas Sweringen
Commonweather Township Nov 24 Commonweather
Human  After All Township Nov 24 Human After All
I Made You Myself Township Nov 24 I Made You Myself
Aiming For Average Township Nov 24 Aiming For Average
Human After All Township Nov 24 Human After All
Little Image Township Nov 26 Little Image, Sad Cops, The Fundamental KiNk and 1 more...
Sad Cops Township Nov 26 Sad Cops
Fundamental Kinks Township Nov 26 Fundamental Kinks
Light Years Township Dec 02 Light Years
Action/Adventure Township Dec 02 Action/Adventure
Keep Flying Township Dec 02 Keep Flying, Light Years
Action Township Dec 02 Action
Adventure Township Dec 02 Adventure
Dowsing Township Dec 08 Dowsing
Mother Evergreen Township Dec 08 Mother Evergreen
Great Deceivers Township Dec 08 Great Deceivers
Makeout Township Dec 09 Makeout
Locals Only Township Dec 09 Locals Only
Night Terrors Township Dec 09 Night Terrors
Ill Legit Township Dec 09 Ill Legit
Chris Crack Township Dec 09 Chris Crack
Ugly Boy Modeling School Township Dec 09 Ugly Boy Modeling School
T.Z. Duhh Township Dec 09 T.Z. Duhh
Konsept The Emcee Township Dec 09 Konsept The Emcee
Marshall Sinclaire Township Dec 09 Marshall Sinclaire
DJ Encyclopedia Brown Township Dec 09 DJ Encyclopedia Brown
DJ Cheno Township Dec 09 DJ Cheno
Riveria Township Dec 10 Riveria
Sea Of Cars Township Dec 10 Sea Of Cars
Bleacher Days Township Dec 10 Bleacher Days
Cup Check Township Dec 10 Cup Check
Story Untold Township Dec 15 Story Untold
Plans Township Dec 15 Plans
Arvia Township Dec 15 Arvia
Detour North Township Dec 15 Detour North
7 Minutes in Heaven Township Dec 15 7 Minutes in Heaven, Story Untold, Plans and 2 more...
Story Untold Township Dec 16 Story Untold
Plans Township Dec 16 Plans
JET BLACK ALLEY CAT Township Jan 04, 2018 JET BLACK ALLEY CAT, The Band Camino, Hardcastle
Hard castle Township Jan 04, 2018 Hard castle
Oh, Weatherly Township Jan 12, 2018 Oh, Weatherly, Centerfolds, Plans