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Date Lineup
Goldlink Neurolux Sep 30 Goldlink, Goldlink
Masego Neurolux Sep 30 Masego
Free Salamander Exhibit Neurolux Oct 03 Free Salamander Exhibit, Dead Rider
TAUK Neurolux Oct 04 TAUK, Yak Attack
Palehound Neurolux Oct 08 Palehound, Commnwlth, Hoop
Mipso Neurolux Oct 10 Mipso, The Brothers Comatose, The Lil Smokies
Robin Bacior Neurolux Oct 17 Robin Bacior
Bruiser Queen Neurolux Oct 21 Bruiser Queen
Lovey Neurolux Oct 21 Lovey
Fea Neurolux Oct 21 Fea
Max Frost Neurolux Oct 27 Max Frost
NAWAS Neurolux Oct 27 NAWAS, Max Frost
the Soft White Sixties Neurolux Oct 31 the Soft White Sixties
Moon Honey Neurolux Nov 03 Moon Honey
Russ Liquid Neurolux Nov 07 Russ Liquid
Paul Cauthen Neurolux Nov 08 Paul Cauthen, The Texas Gentlemen
The Texas Gentlemen Neurolux Nov 08 The Texas Gentlemen, Paul Cauthen
Dave Hause Neurolux Nov 10 Dave Hause, Beach Slang
Beach Slang Neurolux Nov 10 Beach Slang, Dave Hause & The Mermaid, Hannah Racecar
Plaque Marks Neurolux Dec 08 Plaque Marks, Unsane, Plaque Marks
Colter Wall Neurolux Dec 14 Colter Wall, Colter Wall
Bully Neurolux Mar 02, 2018 Bully
Melkbelly Neurolux Mar 02, 2018 Melkbelly
The Delta Bombers Neurolux Mar 03, 2018 The Delta Bombers