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Avatarium Biebob Sep 23 Avatarium
Now or Never Biebob Sep 24 Now or Never, Lords Of Black, Voodoo Circle and 1 more...
Satyricon Norway Biebob Sep 27 Satyricon Norway, Satyricon
Satyricon Biebob Sep 27 Satyricon
Oslo Faenskap Biebob Sep 27 Oslo Faenskap, Fight The Fight, Suicidal Angels
Fight The Fight Biebob Sep 27 Fight The Fight
Suicidal Angels Biebob Sep 27 Suicidal Angels
Saille Biebob Sep 29 Saille, Saille, Nocte Obducta and 1 more...
DragonForce Biebob Oct 19 DragonForce, Twilight Force
Rhapsody of Fire Biebob Oct 31 Rhapsody of Fire, Orden Ogan
Orden Ogan Biebob Oct 31 Orden Ogan, Rhapsody of Fire
Unleash the Archers Biebob Oct 31 Unleash the Archers
Agent Fresco Biebob Nov 05 Agent Fresco, Leprous, Alithia and 1 more...
Leprous Biebob Nov 05 Leprous
Alithia Biebob Nov 05 Alithia
Astrosaur Biebob Nov 05 Astrosaur
Morbid Angel Biebob Nov 24 Morbid Angel
Enslaved Biebob Nov 26 Enslaved
Tyketto Biebob Dec 01 Tyketto
Vuur Biebob Dec 08 Vuur
Cradle of Filth Biebob Mar 01, 2018 Cradle of Filth, Moonspellofficialband