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J-Felix Jazz Cafe Aug 24 J-Felix
The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain Jazz Cafe Sep 12 The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain
Claas Brieler Jazz Cafe Sep 16 Claas Brieler
CunninLynguists Jazz Cafe Oct 11 CunninLynguists, Trizz, Yamin Semali
Trizz Jazz Cafe Oct 11 Trizz
Yamin Semali Jazz Cafe Oct 11 Yamin Semali
Moonchild Jazz Cafe Oct 12 Moonchild
Busty and the Bass Jazz Cafe Oct 24 Busty and the Bass
Jasonsinghthing Jazz Cafe Nov 17 Jasonsinghthing
Joyce Wrice Jazz Cafe Dec 01 Joyce Wrice, Joyce Wrice
Roy Davis Jr. Jazz Cafe Jan 27, 2018 Roy Davis Jr.