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Blake Aaron Spaghettini Dec 16 Blake Aaron
Terry Wollman Music Spaghettini Dec 23 Terry Wollman Music
Patrick Bradley Spaghettini Jan 12, 2018 Patrick Bradley, Andrew Carney, , Tony Moore, Brad Cummings, Paul Navidad, John Parr,, Special Guest Jeff Lorber will be joining us
Aubrey Logan Spaghettini Jan 21, 2018 Aubrey Logan
Preston Smith Jazz Spaghettini Jan 28, 2018 Preston Smith Jazz
Dan Siegel Spaghettini Feb 11, 2018 Dan Siegel
Delta Nove Spaghettini Feb 13, 2018 Delta Nove
The Reverend Shawn Amos Spaghettini Feb 25, 2018 The Reverend Shawn Amos
Chris Standring Spaghettini May 12, 2018 Chris Standring